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Monday, 21 May 2018

Salam Ramadhan

Azam saya, homecooked meal. Alhamdulillah, setakat ni berjaya kecuali semalam - sebab pergi beli kat Pasar Ramadhan. Anak-anak pula jenis makan satu lauk, jadi biasanya masak lauk campur dengan sayur.

Alhamdulillah, dapat tarawikh kat surau, semenjak anak-anak dah besar sikit. Kalau tidak, di rumah sahajalah, sebab ada yang kecil. Cuma sekarang, Allah rehatkan sebentar dari beribadah, jadi menjaga Faiq sambil suruh abang-abangnya ke surau untuk tarawikh.

Still in high spirit over the new Malaysia. Makbul juga doa rakyat Malaysia secara amnya. Moga dimudahkan urusan kita sepanjang Ramadhan ini.

Amin ya Rabb.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku hambaMu yang lemah

Ya Allah, Kau jadikanlah kami di kalangan ahli syurga, sentiasa bersangka baik sesama umat manusia.

Ya Allah, Kau jadikanlah kami hamba yang sentiasa mengikut jalanMu ke arah kebaikan.

Ya Allah, Kau lindungilah kami daripada api nerakaMu.

Ya Allah, Kau tunaikanlah pengharapan kami dari hambaMu yang lemah.

Moga kita dapat tingkatkan ibadah dan meneruskannya secara konsisten.
Salam Ramadhan!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Magnifying your ibadah in Ramadhan

How would I rate my ibadah performance this time around? I would give a scale of 5 over 10 (sobs). I feel that I have not spent that much time on Ramadhan. I do the usual things, reading the Quran and performing my tarawikh at home.

I love the fact that during Ramadhan, my family is with me at home for buka puasa. Except for the 2 oldest boys in the family, they have been breaking their fast at the surau and perform their tarawikh over there.

Anyhow, Fateh's drama of not fasting only lasted in the first day of Ramadhan. Thus, he has been fasting non stop since Day 2.

My cookie baking plan has been abandoned for the moment, because I don't know whether we are able to bake cookies in the last weekend of Ramadhan (hehehe, my bad).

We will be celebrating Raya at my grandma's next week. So, if this is my last post during Ramadhan (yes I know I am a very bad blogger) may you have a blessed Ramadhan and let us magnify our ibadah in the last 10 days of Ramadhan.

Dr Tawfeeq advised us to keep doing on charity like giving RM100 per day towards the end of Ramadhan. Such a simple and practical advise. And I do hope the sadaqah deeds will be done on daily basis in the last 10 days of Ramadhan.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ramadhan 2016

Ramadhan kali ini, Fateh sudah mula belajar berpuasa. Alhamdulillah, disebabkan cuti sekolah minggu kedua adalah minggu pertama puasa, maka anak-anak dapat sesuaikan diri untuk berpuasa dengan selesa di rumah.

Hari pertama, Isnin lepas, Fateh sempat berpuasa sehingga 2 petang. Dek kerana dia kurang makan, maka rugi juga dia berbuka pabila sudah separuh hari. Dia hanya mengalas perut dengan sekeping roti dan beberapa keping biskut.

Lantas, hari kedua membuahkan hasil. Fateh berjaya puasa penuh, insya Allah sehingga hari ini. Moga-moga dia terus istiqamah minggu hadapan, apabila sesi persekolahan bermula semula.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Halfway thru Ramadhan

As for work, busy as ever. I have become more productive, come Ramadhan. The reason is because our office hour has been shorten, thus people effectively finish their tasks before going back home.

Early Ramadhan, I was able to prepare simple buka puasa dishes for the whole family. Then, halfway thru, I just outsource the dishes to my husband, and alternate with home cooked meals. Since I have been thinking of fried fish for quite a few days, then today, we had been breaking our fast with fried fish. Scrumptious!

I have always been a big fan of onde-onde, thus hubby has been scouting around trying the delicacies at our Pasar Ramadhan. When we found the stall that we like, we tend to stick to buy the delicacies at just this one stall.

I also had an iftar with my usrah teammates. I love that our usrah is still ongoing and strong after more than 10 years. My usrah friends dated way back from my university days. So, you can imagine the bond that we have. I Iove that we still keep in touch with each others. I find that maintaining the usrah is really important to feed the soul. At the same time, it was really hard to find an active usrah group that caters for the working level like us.

Post usrah, we have been planning something big for the ladies. I hope that this can be materalise soon. And I love the fact that we are giving back to the society.

And, insya Allah we have some big news soon at personal level. No, I am not pregnant. Thank you.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy Ramadhan, peeps!

Apart from being just a few days in Ramadhan, I feel that exhausted during the day. Maybe because of the aging factor, or maybe I find myself at that time of the Ramadhan month, adjusting to the fasting routine.

As usual, our sahur and iftar has been simple. I find it hard to cook during sahur, thus I just reheat the leftovers of iftar. I make it a point to at least cook something for the iftar, since this is the only time that the company give us permission to be back early from the office.

On the first day of Ramadhan, I had a meeting that went way past 5 p.m., thus I was stuck in the traffic jam for more than 1 hour before I even reached home. Unluckily, our house faced one of the main road (amazingly, a traffic jam in front of my house), so we took a long route to reach our own house (with the 5 kids) inside.

Lesson learnt, has to be punctual and at the same time never attend meetings way past 5 p.m. during Ramadhan. (oh BTW, the meeting was chaired by a Non Muslim.. tsk)

Anyway, Happy Ramadhan peeps!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Ramadhan reminder

I got this from my ex-school group chat. An awesome reminder. (and not to forget to sadaqah Al-Fatihah for MH17)

A woman told me she has difficulty fasting because of her health, and can rarely attend the masjid in the evenings for Taraweeh because of her work schedule. She was feeling down because she didn’t have that spiritual connection she so badly had wanted in Ramadan. This is a reminder for her and for all of us who’ve been struggling:

Many of us feel inadequate this Ramadan. Long hours of fasting with short nights makes it hard for those of us who are parents of young kids, those taking care of parents or loved ones, those of us working full time, or those of us who are unable to fast, "FEEL" Ramadan. We can't do the extra worship we used to and even when we get in our extra Qur'an or pray in the mosque we can't even concentrate, so we end up just feeling lame.

But what we really need is a perspective shift.

We need to recognize that taking care of the future generation, providing financial support for ourselves and loved ones or taking care of our health are some of the highest forms of worship in and of themselves. We just need to make the intention and internally shift our perspectives.

Give yourself 5 minutes, just you and God. Sit and raise your hands and share what's in your heart with Him in your own words, even though He is well aware of it. Allow the burden of your frustration with yourself to be lifted off your shoulders and into His Hands.

"Dear God, I feel distant from you and it hurts especially because it's Ramadan and I want to feel close to You in this month. Please, accept all my sacrifices for Your Sake and let me taste the sweetness of our relationship together through what I'm doing. As much as I wish I could be in the masjid and concentrate when reading Qur'an like I used to do to get that eman high, I can't. But I'm doing whatever I can to fulfill the responsibilities You've given me in this phase of my life. So please, write me amongst the highest in Paradise, pour barakah into my life and let me taste the sweetness of my relationship with You through what I'm doing."

Then, just keep renewing your intention. Remember, even the mundane (brushing your teeth) can be worship with your intention. And try to increase your dhikr just a little bit when you're walking to your car or washing the dishes or taking your meds or going to sleep.

The beauty of Islam is that it doesn't restrict worshipping God to praying, fasting and reading Qur'an. It can encompass your daily actions simply through your intention.

As Abdullah ibn Mubarak said: "Perhaps a great deed is belittled by an intention. And perhaps a small deed, by a sincere intention, is made great."

This Ramadan, make your worship something transformational. Chose to understand your relationship with God as one which will continue even when your life changes. Choose to magnify your intention.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Halfway in Ramadhan...

Being in Ramadhan makes me realise how I missed eating together on a proper table, with my family. Usually we would just sit in the living room and eat in front of the TV. Need to change that habit, somehow.

As for the boys, they have been breaking their fast at surau with their grandfather. And for the only girl in my family, she has been breaking fast with her grandmother. Which leave only Fateh, Faiq, my husband and myself at home.

Faiq has entered the stage where he would like to crawl non stop around the house. And he has been eating with us during dinner. His diet consists of fruits, biscuits and porridge. And he loves to eat.

Then when we started breaking fast, suddenly there is a baby crawling to enter the kitchen and looking at us with his saliva dripping. ^_^

Yesterday, he found out that Fateh was playing Pou on my husband's hand phone. He was so excited that he tried to grab Pou and was very angry when we took away the phone.

Hohoho, the joy of living with a growing baby.

Alhamdulillah, even though Faiq is a mixed feeding baby (formula and mother's milk), he is still feeding from myself at 7 months.

Monday, 30 June 2014

1 Ramadhan

Ya, semalam.

Kali pertama Fahri berpuasa. Semangat tolong ibu buat kuih dengan kakak dan abang. Kejut sahur pun, alhamdulillah bangun.

Habis buat biskut jam 4 petang, tahu-tahu sudah tertidur semua. Ibu pula rehat sekejap tunggu shift memasak jam 5.15 petang. Kemudian kejutkan anak-anak untuk solat Asar.

Tahu-tahu, Fahri menangis disebabkan kelaparan dalam jam 6.00 petang. Abahnya memujuk kata tunggu sebentar lagi 1 jam lebih untuk berbuka. Muka pun sudah masam, monyok. Masa berbuka pun, makan sedikit lepas solat, tidur. Memang penat sangat.

Hari ini, bagi kelonggaran untuk Fahri hendak berpuasa atau tidak. Kejut juga sahur, tapi tengoklah lama mana dia bertahan. Cuaca pun panas.

Teringat berpuasa di UK tahun 2010, kami keluar membeli barang basah di Asda, tahu-tahu Amni dan Fawwaz habiskan sosej di dapur. Bila balik, tidak mengaku langsung ^_^ ..Maklumlah, penat berpuasa 18 jam. Mencabar bukan sebab cuaca, tapi sebab bila keluar, ada aja orang tengah makan.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Be safe, ladies

Received a call from the neighbour next to my deceased SIL's house on Saturday afternoon.
Turns out there has been a burglary, and the alarm is not working.

The thief or thieves cam through the air ventilation from the kitchen. No grills there. Maybe the thief has been aiming the house for months. MIL live here but went back to Melaka on Friday night.

They just got the 2 TVs, since anything of the valuable sorts has been taken out from the house and given to respective parents.

Curi harta anak yatim pula tu T_T...

Monday, 29 July 2013

Pot luck with the family

An impromptu pot luck to meet my husband's family members at Cheras, where my MIL is staying.

It was actually my niece's idea to have our iftar outside, but still, since it was not easy to gather everyone - and parents in laws do not want to eat out, we decided to throw a pot luck.

Of course, there were lots of food spread since there will be 10 adults and 9 kids.

My MIL prepared the rice and vegetables, together with kuih koci and banana fritters.

As for Aizu (my BIL), he brought satay and mini pavlova, baked by his wife.

Another BIL, Mal, prepared soya cincau drinks for buka puasa.

And I have volunteered to bring some oven baked roasted BBQ chickens.

Mini pavlovas in the making!
Anyway, after the iftar, the kids have been playing with some fireworks on the playground beside the house.

An intimate gathering. Now I can't wait for Raya.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

On the 15th day of Ramadhan...

We had an iftar last week at a friend's house. I was so glad to meet my ex-MRSM Jasin friends after 16 years. In the wake up of Twitter, Facebook and other social medias, it has helped us to connect with each other.

And the girls are a close knit bunch of people for a very big batch. We know each other well, and stayed in the same hostel block.

I was laughing when Didi's husband asked us whether we were in the same class. No, we were not. But it was much easier to meet with each other since we have been friends for nearly 18 years. In 1996, MRSM Jasin was selected as one of the MRSM that offers high achiever program, which was called Program Khas Pelajar. And, to top it of, our MRSM is called MRSM Agama because we have lots of Islamic programs. As what Aini wrote, we had our daily tazkeerah before we go to sleep, and we had our weekly usrah during Jumaat prayer. We even had talks from ustazs and other speakers.

Thus, what a wonderful opportunity to engage back with the girls. Looking back, I miss my school days. I hope that I scored much better in my SPM. I know that my mom send me there because I really was lazy during my studying days.

And hey, after 15 days of Ramadhan, I still found Fawwaz sleeping on this chair before going for his sekolah agama in the morning. It was much worse before this, during sahur, he will wake up, but after he eats, he will go back to sleep.

We had to wake him up for him to take his morning shower, then after his morning shower, he will fall asleep again with only a towel to cover his body.

Then we have to wake him up again for his Subuh prayers.

So of course, this has been a vast improvement than last time. At least he is asleep after he has readied himself to go to school.

By the way, he went for tarawikh on daily basis. Of course, it might be tiring for him to handle everything in one day. Phew, a busy day for my boy.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Gantung periuk

Balik dari ceramah hari Selasa, Ustaz Joffri pesan "Jangan bersai'e di bazaar Raamadhan. Jangan membazir."

Kali pertama pergi Pasar Ramadhan Selasa lepas, terlebih pula beli kuih muih dan makanan lain. Jadi dua hari berturut makan makanan belian. Hari ini pun gantung periuk lagi sebab sudah buat pesanan untuk nasi dagang.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Iftar with family members

My uncle held an iftar at his house last Saturday, which is a first for our big family to gather during iftar ala potluck style. It was just a few days ideas, when my aunt suggested we gathered, and break fast with our tarawih conducted after.

And bless my uncle, he suggested the menu, so it was easier for us to organise what should we bring. I got the easiest part, bringing ice creams! Hehehe...

We were the first to arrive, and lo and behold, since my aunt had become maidless nowadays, we were busy helping her in the kitchen preparing the foods and drinks. She even cooked the white rice on her stove, ala kampung style, and when my other aunt arrived, she thought I was the one who did the rice cooking, since it was a well known fact that I cooked rice not using rice cooker (nowadays, I depends on the convenience of that machine, so my aunt need to retract back the statement).

We break our fast with kurmas dan iced rose syrup, with some traditional kuih-muih like tepung pelita dan akok. Ate variety of fruits, which was prepared by my cousin.

"Nasi bila nak makan, bah?" (loosely translated: When can we eat rice?), Fawwaz asked us after eating caramel pudding, assortment of Malay kuihs and fruits. I was like, "Oh gosh, no wonder my boy is so bulat nowadays, even though it is Ramadhan.."

We prayed Maghrib together. After the prayer, we started taking our heavy meals.

Alhamdulillah for the plenty of foods provided by the host and the excellent pot luck by our family members. My dad could not make it, because he had another engagement at the surau.

After all those food galore, we started our Isya' prayer, then 2-rakaat solat hajat for my deceased uncle (may Allah reward him in the hereafter) who passed away in Syaaban, and we had our 8-rakaat tarawikh.

Finished with our tarawikh and we had our moreh. My youngest aunt celebrated her **th birthday (I dare not say here, since she might be mad at me, but anyway Mak Su, you look 14.. ) with a big brownie cake, and I did mention that I brought ice cream, which was fully utilised as topping for the brownies.

Alhamdulillah for wonderful family members.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Happy last day of Ramadhan

Fawwaz burning the calories after 2 plates of nasi ayam :p.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Cuit-cuit Ramadhan

"Fateh puasa tak?"
"Fateh kuasaaaa.." (walaupun sudah dibetulkan berkali-kali, dia masih sebut puasa = kuasa)

"Ibu, nak kuran."
"Kurma lah dik.Kurma."

Keletah anak-anaklah yang paling seronok masa Ramadhan kan? :):):):):)

Agak kelam kabut sebab tahun ini, insya Allah kami akan balik dua-dua kampung. Sebabnya sepupu ada yang akan melangsungkan walimah.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Dugaan Ramadhan

Hari pertama puasa, Sabtu lepas. Jam 6.30 petang.

Fawwaz memandang jam loceng atuknya, dan memerhatikan sedetik-sedetik pergerakan tangan jam itu.
"Fawwaz laparlah". Aduh, sabarlah anakku.
"Fawwaz tak makan lagi biskut atuk beli." Aduh, sabar anakku.

Setiap minit bertanya bila masa untuk berbuka.

Bila berbuka sahaja, rasanya dialah orang pertama yang paling gembira, sehingga makan pun bertambah-tambah.

Sehingga ibunya terpaksa komen,"Wah, kasihan anak ibu. Macam berpuasa di padang pasir."


Friday, 26 August 2011

Selamat hari raya

To all,

In case this will be my last post before Raya,
Wishing happy Eid ul Fitri, and with Ramadhan is coming to an end, hope you guys are going to make full use of it.

Aida & the clans

Monday, 22 August 2011

The weekend.

 My kids playing at home since there is no outing due to Ramadhan. I am preparing the dishes for buka puasa with my friends; nasi beriyani, ayam tandoori & acar timun. And also for Aini's family. The kids were all excited to buka puasa with their cousins.

Cooking for the Kaplan Financial Manchester's girls. We are the regulars in class. Oh I miss you girls!

There is no word to describe our bond. These are the only Malaysians when I first arrived for class in March 2010. And to top it up, we are the only one who attended every class without fail. Farah, is already back for good in Malaysia. And Ifah is continuing her study in MBA.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ramadhan di UK

Orang Malaysia mungkin ada yang sudah bercuti raya agaknya. Di sini masih biasa. Tenggelam timbul seketika dengan kisah percutian (yang masih tidak berupdate; Glasgow). Baru melepaskan lelah tika tiba dari Dublin, Ireland pagi tadi.

Sebelum datang ke bumi UK, sudah mengagak akan masa puasa yang semakin panjang tika musim panas. Alhamdulillah, ujian Allah tidaklah sehebat mana seperti yang rakan-rakan lain sangka. Hari pertama berpuasa, sahur berakhir pada jam 3.00 pagi dan berbuka jam 9.00 malam. Bila di Malaysia, aduh dengarnya, harunya ingin berpuasa berpanas-panasan begini. Kini sudah 23 hari dalam bulan Ramadhan rupanya. Kali pertama suami bertarawikh di masjid, jam 10.30 baru bermula solatnya. Mujur juga mata dapat ditahan dari mengantuk.

Terharu sekali, kisah Amni dan Fawwaz belajar berpuasa. Pejam celik pejam celik, anak-anak hanya tinggal beberapa hari puasa. Itu pun ditanya samaada ingin berbuka atau tidak? Kes kami ke kedai, mereka di rumah, tahu-tahu habis makanan di dapur. Bila tanya, yo-yoan mengaku puasa.. mujur tidak minum air paip dalam bilik air saja.

Bercuti ketika berpuasa, Amni dengan tabah berkata ingin puasa. Kami sebenarnya sudah berbincang untuk membenarkan mereka berbuka sekiranya perlu, kerana perjalanan yang jauh di negara orang.

Sepanjang di Ireland, Amni penuh berpuasa. Siap memesan supaya kejutkan dia untuk sahur. Fawwaz pula, bila tidak dikejut, marah-marah kami kerana ingin berpuasa. Alhamdulillah. Itu pun Amni sudah sibuk bertanya, bagaimana dia hendak berpuasa ketika ke sekolah. Jawapannya, bekal disediakan sekadar untuk dia makan (takut teringin sahaja).

Saya sendiri akan mula ke kelas ACCA minggu hadapan ketika Ramadhan. Perjuangan akan bermula rupanya. Kebetulan pula sekolah anak-anak bercuti dan saya tiada kelas bakal Syawal yang pertama.

Tika ini, terkenang Ramadhan di Malaysia yang menyeronokkan. Terkenang sanak saudara di kampung. Saya tidak dapat menghadiri majlis pernikahan sepupu saya di Kelantan. Saya tidak berjumpa nenek saya dan beraya di kampung di sempadan. Saya tidak bersama ummi dan ayah serta adik-beradik di Rantau Panjang.

Apapun, pengalaman berpuasa di sini mendewasakan diri dan anak-anak.

Sudah di minggu terakhir Ramadhan, tidak lewat diucapkan selamat berpuasa untuk mereka yang masih sudi menjenguk blog ini.