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Thursday, 27 July 2017

3 sisters

Hahah, taktau la kenapa. Memang baik dengan adik-adik ni. Yang kelakarnya, dari yang sulung sampai nombor lapan kenal. Mak dengan ayahnya pun sampai kenal kami.

Bila jumpa je terus klik, Maryam (no 3) bukan satu universiti pun, tapi dah kakak-kakak dia dok bercerita (Ira & Saidah), macam dah lama sagat kenal.

Tiap-tiap kali kenduri kahwin, mesti ajak kami.

Saidah cakap 'Tu tu pengantin,' (sambil tunjuk kat Sarah - no 5) di luar dewan. Tapi sebab teruja sangat dah lama tak jumpa Yam (siap dah dapat Fahim), terus lupa pengantin.

Terkejut tengok Aisyah (yang bongsu) dah besar!

Keluarga ni orang tabligh tau, tapi tabligh rocks ya aw!!!

Siapa kata orang tabligh tak mesra alam?

Friday, 2 June 2017

Giving back to MRSM Jasin

As part of our upcoming reunion in December, the committee decided to give back to MRSM Jasin, hence 18 ex students volunteered on 26 May for the session. I volunteered for Accounting stream talk. Yes, sounds boring.

Arrived at the school around 8 am, and got to meet the teachers. They were so excited meeting us, and I would say I was overwhelmed with emotion seeing my teachers. And the best part was, this is the first time in many years for MRSM Jasin to get speakers all from the same batch (SPM '97).

We divided ourselves into 5 streams:
  1. Accounting &Architect - 2 speakers, Soul & me (Rod came as replacement later since Azni cannot make it)
  2. Business & IT - Sha, Dilla, Yayan
  3. Medical - Hirman, Hidayah, Letter, Yatt
  4. Engineering - Matt, Keen, Aidazu, Ayu
  5. Oil & Gas - Bujal, Farah Ayuza, Aima, Rahim
Divided into 5 venues, and we got Dewan Bendahara! Oh such a nostalgic place where we had our weekly assembly.

We advertised ourselves as the career team who didn't score Physic, Chemistry or Bio, fret not you have a bright future as a lawyer, accountant and town planner.

Siap mengaku tak score langsung subjek Sains, sampai ada budak tanya 'Kak, macammana nak drop Biologi untuk SPM sebab tak minat?'

Oh did we say something wrong here hahaha.

Ok bila ada budak tanya 'Takde jodoh ke bang?' dekat Arief Dato' Mahbud bila dia bagitahu kami satu sekolah dari tingkatan 1-5. Dan menyampaikan jawapan kecewa kepada tukang dengar 'Dukacitanya, jodoh kami hanya sampai tingkatan 5.'

But the best part is, ada budak bercita-cita nak jadi suami Rawd Xii Anna. Kahkah, tersembul mata kawan aku gamaknya.

Dapat free magic show lagi from the student 😎😎😎

I think this is the last session. We did outrun the time by 30 minutes. But it was fun, it was really fun. My two teammates can testify I was the most serious speaker. I told the students, "Accounting is boring."

But the fun part, I told them I took my exam at Old Trafford (hahaha).

Then after we finished our session and we got 5 stars treatment from the teachers (I do love them!) and Tupperwares as a gift (very practical), we decided to walk down the memory lane. We went to see our old classes (aah) and the compulsory main gate picture as above.

Crashing into the last class. We did take the pictures at (literally) every other class. But suddenly everyone was swarming into this class (5C) if I am not mistaken, and we decided to take pictures (posing as student, kah?) and did a mannequinn challenge.

I was quite surprised with the free style pose given by us in this picture (courtesy from Ayu).

It was really really a wonderful time spent with my friends and teachers. I did meet my homeroom teacher, Puan Molizah Alis. She is now the assistant principal.

And oh my, the teachers looked exactly the same 20 years ago!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Breakout 5.5.2017

It has been ages that we meet and gather together with the geng lunch buddies. The majority of us took half day in the afternoon just for this session (lunch and having some fun).

I need this session really badly because I have been working non-stop and really need a stress buster.

Someone commented when I said I am currently attached to my GM,
"Oh ada orang tahan dengan Puan ** ya. Malam dia tu macam siang."

Which is exactly true that I do bring my office works back home, and all of it are like urgently needed tomorrow. Or half an hour before a meeting, I will be non-stop preparing and editing my GM's presentation.

So yeah, I really need the geng lunch time.

Decided to meet up last week and had a lunch at The Library Coffee Bar. Kak Elin came, which was something that we look forward, since it was not easy to meet her, after she resigned from the company.

Missing Aini and Azni. We will do this again with the whole bunch ya.

 Love that our geng lunch do not have any diet restriction, and it's all about makan-makan. It is always about eating together and enjoying food. Good food and good company.

I love the selection at this restaurant. Varities of desserts as well (hehehe).

Oh yow, from hungry to full.

And tentatively, we decided that we want to have some family entertainment. I got some jitters going to Breakout at Nu Sentral (sort of escape room game). Quite a few of my friends look sick, somehow. We decided to try the game for fun.

Hmm, there were quite a few characters to choose from. I believe Aini will love this, let us pray for her recovery ya.. :)

We decided that we should try for the lowest difficulty rated room available, but unfortunately, the rooms were booked. So we got a room with 7/10 difficulty (sob sob).

The Secret of Hocus 

While tracking the elusive trail of mysterious criminal magician Mr. Hocus, you’ve acquired the Wand of Atropos from the Organization. This wand is one of the most powerful ever crafted, along with the Wand of Mythos and Wand of Alectos, which are rumoured to be in the possession of Mr. Hocus. You’ve also uncovered a secret theatre where you believe he has kept all of his magical possessions, including the other 2 wands of power. However, the Organization says that to destroy his powers, you will need the combined powers of all 3 wands. With this knowledge, you and your team venture deep into the depths of Mr. Hocus’s secret theatre in hopes of ending his regime of crime once and for all. 

Difficulty level: 7/10    

Oh well. Bolehlah nak cuba, since the next session will be at 4.30 p.m. We were quite short of time, since we need to go back home and start our duty as home minister. 

 We were screaming by the end, since the room just went pitch black.

Oh, actually the door was unlocked. And yeay, we managed to breakout around 53 minutes.

We had different characters; left-right - assassin, time bender, healer, Gemini, Oracle, lock master and light holder
I would suggest the most is the power of time and Gemini (since Gemini can choose any power he/she wants), so decided to duplicate the power of time. Hence the extra 10 minutes (or else, the game will be finished at 45 minutes).

My character is Assassin, but they ran out of stock on the badges. Since Semah was brilliant in this game (we had sheer luck with Semah), and in honour of her sheer luck, I decided to take the lock master badge, yeay!
Let us have this session again in the future!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Once upon a time in Manchester...

These two sweet ladies were my ACCA classmates back when we were in Manchester. I was glad that I got to reconnect with them, because their thinking and maturity are beyond their age in many ways.

We were in the same class, and we clicked instantly. Maybe because we are from Malaysia, and my first time meeting them was in a P1 Class: Professional Accountants. Then, when I continued my second semester, Farah was able to join the classes with me, and Ifah repeated her papers.

It was really quite a few number of students in the advanced class (optional papers), so we struggled really hard to pass the papers.

Anyway, what I would say was the maturity by both of them. For their age, at that time, which was like 6 years ago.. I was really astounded and still is by the way they gather their thoughts and speak up. Ifah was the one who is actually, at that time make her time for her duha prayers (mind you, she was not wearing any head gears or tudung) and that really shifted my perspective.

I was in the main stream school being in a good boarding school, and later entered a private university with arrays of characters. Thus, there are not many that still pray consistently. Because of Ifah, I started to do my duha. It was not easy, but alhamdulillah, I have been consistently doing it for the past 6 years. I was glad that Ifah decided to dons tudung past few years back.

As for Farah, she is still matured beyond her age. I received many wisdom words from her that I cherished. She has really excellent viewpoints on many matters, and she is wise.

I am glad that our friendship has been more than 5 years.

Farah mentioned we were in our pinks and blues. Somehow, the picture tells a lot about how we might sychronised our sitting (in fact, we have not done this intentionally).

Both my girls are in audit (yes, forever their blood is written in the audit department), and I am the only one who is doing technical reports as of now ^_^

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Congrats Suzen!

And those rare moments where you know your friendship will last for a lifetime.

Monday, 10 August 2015

This set of friends

This set of friends have been through thick and thin with me.

We got to know each other during our university days. And even though some of us decided to study in Malacca, and the other half went to Cyberjaya (during the campus restructuring), we still remain close friends till now.

One of our friends, Faezah (or, we fondly calls Paie), quitted MMU, and changed to another public university - due to financial costs.

After university, we reconnect with each other, and it was heartening to be with them. Most of us are still with our same usrah circle, which is quite a feat, since we have left our studying days for more than 10 years. So of course, even though, this is a small gathering, it is something more to us.

We used to go to the town after we finished our semester exam, because we got too stress out. We went there by a bus.

And we went to visit historical sites in Malacca - yes, there was a picture of us in a museum, snapping a picture under a public sign "No camera is allowed." I do think that people would think us weird, hiking the hills with our baju kurungs.

This set of friends. So many cherished memories.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Laksa Dewy yang sedap: 5 April 2015

Mini gathering dengan rakan-rakan darjah 6 dahulu. Yang pastinya, sangat drama menunggu hidangan utama sampai. Alhamdulillah, tercapai juga cita-cita hendak merasa laksa kawan sekolah yang sangat-sangat menggugat kalbu.

Terima kasih Huda kerana menjadi tuan rumah. Antara kawan yang paling lama tak ketemu selepas darjah 6. Masing-masing membawa haluan sendiri. Dari Australia, balik Malaysia selama sebulan untuk persediaan PhDnya.

Dan, dalam ramai-ramai tak terjumpa juga, adalah Fatin. Jauh di Johor sana..

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Just for a friend who is tying the knot tomorrow

Dear Nyza, our childhood friend. A simple gift for you.

I have decorated the box rather elaborately, but hope you love our gift. Wishing you the best in the hereafter, as well.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hello Amina Yasmin

Assalamualaikum dear baby, welcome to the world.

You have a loving mom. Congrats Ifah for your new bundle of joy. She is my closest friend in Manchester.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Last week, with the Merdeka celebration, spent some times with friends and families.

Attending aqiqahs, weddings and even a house warming. Sharing the joys with our closest, that I hold dear in my hearts. Of course, it was with such warmth and joy that I had connecting with old friends that I have not met in years, or celebrating a wedding of my cousin.

Those above have become my favourite pics. It was not easy to capture the expression of this young boy. My ex-schoolmate held an aqiqah for her 6-month old daughter. I find the swing was elaborately decorated, and after mingling with my friend, I started to put Faiq in it and start clicking away.

And this picture always bring a smile on my face. I did not realise how much I love this bunch of people. We got reconnected after losing touch for so many years. Love that baby Raudhah.

Isn't it amusing not to find that my sister does not look alike me in this picture, but my cousin looks like me? I suspected because of the spectacles and the same face pose. Anyway, congratulations Kamilah ^_^. She is my cousin by marriage. My aunt married a widower with 6 childrens.

And the elaborate aqiqah set up goes to Nida and her newborn baby boy. The event was held in a famous restaurant, and we had nasi arab as the main dish. Nida was my primary school friends, so could you imagine the years that we have not seen each other? This is the first time after more than 20 years.

She just gave birth 7 days ago in this picture *ark* Please do not say that I stored fat.

After months of planning with the warm host, Suzen, finally we came to her house for the housewarming. The apartment was tastefully decorated and I do love the fact that this picture shows the depth of our friendship.

Good food, good company.

Monday, 23 June 2014

21 years of friendship

MRSM Pasir Tumboh after 19 years.

Still bengong bengong macam dulu. Batch legend 93/95. Zaman sekolah rumah kedai dan asrama rumah teres.

Alhamdulillah for the 21 years of friendship and good food.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village

Meeting ex-MRSM friends at Nutmeg, Bangsar Village after a long time. I can't believe how Lynn managed to shed off all the kilos. She looks awesome.

The funny part is, when Suzen and Lynn asked me whether I have finished my confinement period. Err, girls, my baby is already nearing 6 months. *look at THAT adorable face on Lynn's lap*

And thanks to the super baby sitters, I am able to handle my 5 kids while having a proper lunch. I do appreciate the meet ups. I find that my ex-schoolmates are the most trustful bunch of people that I have ever known, and we can talk about anything under the sun. Isn't it amazing? I am not sure why, but these set of friends knows no back stabbing, bad mouthing or any other negative vibes. I am so thankful for them! Now, for our friendship to survive more than 10 years, that is amazing.

Happy belated birthday Ayu and thanks to Suzen for her treats :) *picture is courtesy of Amni the photographer*

Look at the delicious food served. The Egg Benedict, by the look of it, is a must! I know that I should come to taste the Egg Benedict with Salmon (Salmon is ALWAYS my favourite food, yummy!).

Fawwaz has been asking for Lego for his present. I said to wait for Abah first, then we can have a look around. This was triggered by a Lego outlet opposite Borders. Oh, speaking about Borders, it was east to handle the kids since 2 of them went to Borders (I have budding bookaholics in my house) and 2 of them went to Lego.

And yesterday, I was on leave and took my kids (except Faiq, which was sent to the day care) for a movie treat. They choose The Amazing Spiderman 2 to watch.

My kids love it to bits. Now, I tried to campaigned them to watch Maleficent but sadly the boys vetoed against it. Tehee..

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Out of the blue

Semalam, out of the blue, seorang rakan baik saya menghubungi.

Ketika saya menyambung pelajaran pada tahun 2010, dia juga mendapat biasiswa ACCA dalam negara, ditanggung oleh syarikat. Dan kakakku seorang ini, baru sahaja melahirkan anak keempatnya bulan November yang lalu.

Katanya, malu dengan saya. Dia bermula dari kertas F4: Corporate and Business Law, maknanya ada 10 atau 11 subjek yang perlu dia ambil untuk menjadi chartered accountant. Kertas F9: Financial Management, dia gagal lagi (ya, subjek F9 adalah subjek yang paling susah di dalam kertas asas atau fundamental paper). Masuk kali keenam dia ambil subjek itu.

Allah kak, motivasi tertinggi saya adalah saya tinggalkan Malaysia untuk sambung belajar di UK. Bawa keluarga pula tu, kalau gagal, bukankah sia-sia sahaja pengorbanan keluarga?

Tahun ini, sudah tahun kelima dia dijadualkan untuk menghabiskan ACCA. Tak apa kak, teruskan perjuangan, ada sahaja kawan kolej dulu gagal juga, entah sudah berapa kali subjek yang sama. Itu pun dalam keadaan tiada komitmen, dan masih lagi single.

Saya tidak kata ACCA itu mudah, malahan sebenarnya perlu beri komitmen yang sangat tinggi untuk lulus. Saya bangun dari tidur dan sebelum tidur dengan menghadap buku ACCA. Kalau zaman peperiksaan lagi parah, saya hanya berhenti untuk solat dan makan.

Ya, dan disebabkan saya rasa peperiksaan ACCA itu susah, saya masih ingat semua soalan ACCA yang saya jawab. Saya ada jawab soalan di bawah untuk paper P2: Corporate Reporting:

Dan untuk mereka yang meninggalkan komen di tulisan-tulisan saya sebelum ini, harap maaf saya tidak dapat layan. Kekangan kerja dan komitmen keluarga lebih penting. Apa yang saya nukilkan semua ada di dalam blog ini - tip belajar, cara hidup, bagaimana saya uruskan masa dan keluarga, bagaimana saya memilih kolej. Harap faham.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ata's bachelorette party

Alhamdulillah for 17 years of friendship (has it been 17 years we finished our SPM?).

We are from the same school, and we are very close with each other. In a school with 330 people in one batch (mix of boys and girls), I am so impressed we managed to keep in touch with each other.

Yes, the emergence of Facebook, WhatsApp and other social apps really help us.

And we celebrated Ata, who is going to marry in September (insya Allah) last Saturday at Red Box, The Gardens. First time entering the place, first time to karaoke with all girls only (yes, women voice is aurat).

And my girl also joined with her 'Let It Go' song. Which we have to listen like 4 times... ^_^

Finally, the goodies bags.. haruslah cantik luar dan dalam kan!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Penantian itu satu penyeksaan

Being in 30s and being pregnant is not fun. I am waiting for my days to give birth.

Had high blood pressure, not so easy breezy bowel movement and hemorrhoids at the end of my third semester.

Went to the clinic on Tuesday and guess what, since I have been vomiting for 4 days, the doctor detected high blood pressure. Dr. Faridah who is always stingy with MCs ushered me back home in an instant.

Then the next day I met Dr. Rahman, my gynae for the past 3 pregnancies. Having a yo-yo BP, I was given MC with a warning on home hospitalisation.

And today it hurts like he##, the piles I mean. Been trying all types of creams and medication. Aiyoyo..

Been enjoying my me time last week with a bunch of friends from school. Love that our group of friends had been flying high all over.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

15 November 2013: My dearest friend had a fairy tale wedding

Ifah, one of my dearest friends in Manchester is getting married. We were in the same class at Kaplan Financial, Manchester. And with less than 10 persons in that class, luckily I was paired with Farah (who got married December last year) and Ifah, fellow Malaysians.

Taking picture of ourselves before the ceremony starts. The name of the table for Ifah's friends was Ombak Rindu. She had a penchant for Malay movies and dramas.

The white pelamin.

Door gift and menu.

Family and cousins asking for some money from the groom. This custom originated from Johor and was called 'duit tol'. We were laughing when the groom produced a Touch n Go card after he has given moneys to the relatives.

Ifah, waiting for her groom.

Best of friends. Even though it is obvious on the age difference, we studied together for our ACCA qualifications. Alhamdulillah, she is alreeady an ACCA affiliate and is trying to finish her 3-year work experience to be qualified as ACCA member.

Finally meeting Liz after nearly three years. She loves the Malaysian weather and dreaded going back to Manchester next week. It is, after all winter season in the UK. Liz was the student advisor at Kaplan Financial, before she changed her job. She is friendly and helpful with the students.

Picture with the lovely bride and groom. Congratulations Ifah on finding your Mr. Cool. The film and sketches were quite funny. And Ifah, wishing you the best in your marriage (in this life and hereafter).