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Monday, 2 April 2018

Congrats Mas!

My friend, Mas, marries at 40.
Alhamdulillah, tahniah Mas!
Selamat jadi orang Gombak 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Last Thursday

Thanks for coming Ya all the way from Terengganu.

Love you, may our friendship lasts till the Hereafter. Hoping for Jannah.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How long will you be working?

We had a small celebration for my friend who resigned from the company last week.
It was bittersweet, and make me thinks - For how long should I be working?

Our society nowadays, tend to reward people who work long hours - as a sign of 'you are a star staff!'. Hence, the work life balance has created an imbalance, with more people working rather than focusing building on their relationship and family.

I was wondering, if we tend to work so much, we do not have time to enjoy our 'me time'. I used to be like that, focusing too much my energy on work - mind you, because I was younger - but I do not see the fruition of my labour. Hence, I feel exhausted trying to prove to others of what I can do. I feel like dragging my feet to come to the office, and I realised that I do not enjoy my work.

It was then, I start prioritising what I want from my work life. I was not happy, hence I have to plan for a session with my superior (which unfortunately, do not materalise as expected - because I was deemed too opinionated, too loud - where not many bosses like this). Then I resorted to try other portfolios within my division, and my last plan was to totally change division and portfolio.

I was not aiming for any promotion, because I was too unhappy to be in that team. Lateral transfer would be OK with me, and my ex-GM easily signed off my form, because I was not really that important.

And then, the offer came. Lateral transfer, just because I meet the other teams and get to know the GM and asked whether there is any vacancy in her division. Lucky for me, there was a vacant lateral post. The transfer was initiated, but surprise surprise - I got a message from my long ago supervisor (not the same as the first one that I told earlier), and was offered to be under her.

I had the courtesy to tell the new GM that the lateral transfer might not materialised, since I was offered another post at a totally new division. I enjoyed working with my ex-supervisor. We had a very long working relationship, and if not because of the shift of portfolios, I still might be working for her.

I also found out that I was (and still am) happy coming to work, thus, it was the major factor of me performing within expectations of my superior. Work wise, it was much tougher and more major than previous ones, but I managed well and find a balance between my personal and work life - which is important for me.

I might be working till my end of career with the company, as long as I am happy.

And to my friend who resigned, I wish you a bright future and may you become happier.

Celebrated kak T's resignation cum retirement with the original geng lunch - minus Aini.
Well,what do you expect from a group of friends called 'Geng Lunch'
Celebrated at Amber, Bangsar Nexus - a Chinese Muslim restaurant. Others has gone back to office.
Starbucks - just because the previous eatery was so hot! We need to chill out and relax.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Run sister run! MWM 2018

Ok best best!! Sangat teratur, well organised event, dapat penaja yang hebat-hebat, gerai yang pelbagai, tetapi... jersi perempuan saiz baby T.

Baru sampai masa ni, Esah dah kat starting line. Datang dengan Shiem, jiran dan rakan NECK SF.

Lepas 5km run, dapat dalam 35 minit untuk 4.6 km. Itu pun lambat tekan mula dekat jam Garmin. Tahu-tahu, jumpa geng MMU, TM, MRSM Jasin.

Esah tak sampai-sampai lagi masa ni. Macam-macam spekulasi kami buat. HAHAHA

Kisahnyaaa, si Esah terikut route 10km. Sebelum dia run, memang dah pesan jangan lari lagi. Sebab masa tu Menteri Besar baru rasmikan larian 10 km. Dia pi lari dengan orang yang ambil route 10 km.
Ni ku namakan geng salad.

Esah dapat medal 10 km, hahaha.. run sister run!
Goodie bag things - not in the picture, Tea Tree Oil Body Shop.
Lepas habis run, dapat minum Milo, Yakult, Nestle Granola dengan susu segar. Oh memang best sponsor MWM ni.
Konon carbo loading lah ni. Ceritanya macam nak makan nasi beriyani. Tapi banyaknya jalan tutup sempena MWM, kita lepak mamak la..
All in all, memang highly recommended event. Sangat menarik dan berbaloi dengan harga yang dibayar untuk masuk run ni. Hari Sabtu sebelum larian pun, ada pelbagai acara.

Let us be fit together sister! Alhamdulillah, one of the achievements after joining the program, untuk tingkatkan stamina.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Yesterday, we conquered the peak!

The view from above, masya Allah!


Didn't know we will be hiking for 1.5 hours up, and 1.5 hours down

And being us, we had to jump for our picture.
Everyone was staring at us, hehe!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Thank you for a fitter and healthier me

Second day reunion picture. Terima kasih photographer, it was perfectly captured. I love the new me.

On the first day of my school's reunion dinner, my ex classmate said I am a fitness coach. Well, far from it. But I do train people who wants to have a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you coach dan founder #neckslimfit #noweveryonecankurus
This is my second year after the program, I am still maintaining the weight. Encouragement and support are the 2 things that are crucial for me. I got a stern coach, and that keeps me going. Kena marah dengan coach dan crew itu biasa, tapi sebab nak kurus dan sihat.

Kalau buat seorang, memang dah lama tak kurus-kurus pun. Now I am trying to shed fats and aiming to up my muscle percentage.

People think it is hard to maintain after a program. But trust me, with the right mindset and aim, you know you are going towards betterment.

I am not the perfect me, but I am loving my progress.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Gathering geng takde geng lunch

The things that I cherished the most, with my family, is a long lasting friendship.

2018 will mark our 22nd anniversary as friends. We made bad jokes, laughed, bickered and reconciled (yes, I would admit, we are really strong headed with each other). My friends came all the way from their place to meet at the most convenient place. And it was decided at a mall near my office.

@keenjer made a comment about this pic - Gathering geng yang takde geng lunch. How true it was, we never have been this close with other circle of people. But with this #omj9697 friends, we really shared our heart contents.

Thanks to the two iron ladies pictured here (cc: @aznideliena), that always exist for my sanity check

And a special shout out to the Jasinian girls 'If I send you my ugly selfies, our friendship is real' 😜😜😜

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

6S girls silver jubilee reunion @ Jibby East @ 25.11

Just one month + of planning, because we were so excited when we saw what Faryna did for her school reunion - just girls reunion.

Hence, decided on the theme - pastel blue, pink and cream
Set up the team - Faryna, Hasniza, Mimi, Ayin and myself

Attendance - 12 people, but oh my, we went all out for the reunion.

Mimi was in charge of the decoration. And they decided to include bunga kantan.

Nyza was coming late, hence no picture of her during the early stage.

Love everyone putting the effort to be on point with the colour theme.

Missing Faryna (she arrived from Ipoh) and cannot join our gathering

With Eda, it seems that majority of us are wearing pink shawls.

25 years after school

Gift exchange - requested for a bouquet. Thanks Elle!

Everyone looking happy

Love you Mimi! Thanks for the awesome decoration

Told ya Mimi go for the extra mile

And we had Instax picture as well, yeay!

The door gift - mug and book and bunga kantan (again). Thanks Has and Yus for this.

Well, we did went all out with our reunion aight?

And lastly, Pandan Gula Melaka cake decorated again by Mimi! An all rounder event planner

Monday, 4 December 2017

2 reunions back to back

Will share a dedicated post for each!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

3 sisters

Hahah, taktau la kenapa. Memang baik dengan adik-adik ni. Yang kelakarnya, dari yang sulung sampai nombor lapan kenal. Mak dengan ayahnya pun sampai kenal kami.

Bila jumpa je terus klik, Maryam (no 3) bukan satu universiti pun, tapi dah kakak-kakak dia dok bercerita (Ira & Saidah), macam dah lama sagat kenal.

Tiap-tiap kali kenduri kahwin, mesti ajak kami.

Saidah cakap 'Tu tu pengantin,' (sambil tunjuk kat Sarah - no 5) di luar dewan. Tapi sebab teruja sangat dah lama tak jumpa Yam (siap dah dapat Fahim), terus lupa pengantin.

Terkejut tengok Aisyah (yang bongsu) dah besar!

Keluarga ni orang tabligh tau, tapi tabligh rocks ya aw!!!

Siapa kata orang tabligh tak mesra alam?

Friday, 2 June 2017

Giving back to MRSM Jasin

As part of our upcoming reunion in December, the committee decided to give back to MRSM Jasin, hence 18 ex students volunteered on 26 May for the session. I volunteered for Accounting stream talk. Yes, sounds boring.

Arrived at the school around 8 am, and got to meet the teachers. They were so excited meeting us, and I would say I was overwhelmed with emotion seeing my teachers. And the best part was, this is the first time in many years for MRSM Jasin to get speakers all from the same batch (SPM '97).

We divided ourselves into 5 streams:
  1. Accounting &Architect - 2 speakers, Soul & me (Rod came as replacement later since Azni cannot make it)
  2. Business & IT - Sha, Dilla, Yayan
  3. Medical - Hirman, Hidayah, Letter, Yatt
  4. Engineering - Matt, Keen, Aidazu, Ayu
  5. Oil & Gas - Bujal, Farah Ayuza, Aima, Rahim
Divided into 5 venues, and we got Dewan Bendahara! Oh such a nostalgic place where we had our weekly assembly.

We advertised ourselves as the career team who didn't score Physic, Chemistry or Bio, fret not you have a bright future as a lawyer, accountant and town planner.

Siap mengaku tak score langsung subjek Sains, sampai ada budak tanya 'Kak, macammana nak drop Biologi untuk SPM sebab tak minat?'

Oh did we say something wrong here hahaha.

Ok bila ada budak tanya 'Takde jodoh ke bang?' dekat Arief Dato' Mahbud bila dia bagitahu kami satu sekolah dari tingkatan 1-5. Dan menyampaikan jawapan kecewa kepada tukang dengar 'Dukacitanya, jodoh kami hanya sampai tingkatan 5.'

But the best part is, ada budak bercita-cita nak jadi suami Rawd Xii Anna. Kahkah, tersembul mata kawan aku gamaknya.

Dapat free magic show lagi from the student 😎😎😎

I think this is the last session. We did outrun the time by 30 minutes. But it was fun, it was really fun. My two teammates can testify I was the most serious speaker. I told the students, "Accounting is boring."

But the fun part, I told them I took my exam at Old Trafford (hahaha).

Then after we finished our session and we got 5 stars treatment from the teachers (I do love them!) and Tupperwares as a gift (very practical), we decided to walk down the memory lane. We went to see our old classes (aah) and the compulsory main gate picture as above.

Crashing into the last class. We did take the pictures at (literally) every other class. But suddenly everyone was swarming into this class (5C) if I am not mistaken, and we decided to take pictures (posing as student, kah?) and did a mannequinn challenge.

I was quite surprised with the free style pose given by us in this picture (courtesy from Ayu).

It was really really a wonderful time spent with my friends and teachers. I did meet my homeroom teacher, Puan Molizah Alis. She is now the assistant principal.

And oh my, the teachers looked exactly the same 20 years ago!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Breakout 5.5.2017

It has been ages that we meet and gather together with the geng lunch buddies. The majority of us took half day in the afternoon just for this session (lunch and having some fun).

I need this session really badly because I have been working non-stop and really need a stress buster.

Someone commented when I said I am currently attached to my GM,
"Oh ada orang tahan dengan Puan ** ya. Malam dia tu macam siang."

Which is exactly true that I do bring my office works back home, and all of it are like urgently needed tomorrow. Or half an hour before a meeting, I will be non-stop preparing and editing my GM's presentation.

So yeah, I really need the geng lunch time.

Decided to meet up last week and had a lunch at The Library Coffee Bar. Kak Elin came, which was something that we look forward, since it was not easy to meet her, after she resigned from the company.

Missing Aini and Azni. We will do this again with the whole bunch ya.

 Love that our geng lunch do not have any diet restriction, and it's all about makan-makan. It is always about eating together and enjoying food. Good food and good company.

I love the selection at this restaurant. Varities of desserts as well (hehehe).

Oh yow, from hungry to full.

And tentatively, we decided that we want to have some family entertainment. I got some jitters going to Breakout at Nu Sentral (sort of escape room game). Quite a few of my friends look sick, somehow. We decided to try the game for fun.

Hmm, there were quite a few characters to choose from. I believe Aini will love this, let us pray for her recovery ya.. :)

We decided that we should try for the lowest difficulty rated room available, but unfortunately, the rooms were booked. So we got a room with 7/10 difficulty (sob sob).

The Secret of Hocus 

While tracking the elusive trail of mysterious criminal magician Mr. Hocus, you’ve acquired the Wand of Atropos from the Organization. This wand is one of the most powerful ever crafted, along with the Wand of Mythos and Wand of Alectos, which are rumoured to be in the possession of Mr. Hocus. You’ve also uncovered a secret theatre where you believe he has kept all of his magical possessions, including the other 2 wands of power. However, the Organization says that to destroy his powers, you will need the combined powers of all 3 wands. With this knowledge, you and your team venture deep into the depths of Mr. Hocus’s secret theatre in hopes of ending his regime of crime once and for all. 

Difficulty level: 7/10    

Oh well. Bolehlah nak cuba, since the next session will be at 4.30 p.m. We were quite short of time, since we need to go back home and start our duty as home minister. 

 We were screaming by the end, since the room just went pitch black.

Oh, actually the door was unlocked. And yeay, we managed to breakout around 53 minutes.

We had different characters; left-right - assassin, time bender, healer, Gemini, Oracle, lock master and light holder
I would suggest the most is the power of time and Gemini (since Gemini can choose any power he/she wants), so decided to duplicate the power of time. Hence the extra 10 minutes (or else, the game will be finished at 45 minutes).

My character is Assassin, but they ran out of stock on the badges. Since Semah was brilliant in this game (we had sheer luck with Semah), and in honour of her sheer luck, I decided to take the lock master badge, yeay!
Let us have this session again in the future!