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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Avani Gold Coast Sepang

Short breakaway, very secluded and along the way of our travel, we are surrounded by kampungs.

Check-in was quite a disaster - it took more than 1 hour for us to get our accommodation, due to high influx of guests, which I think the resort need to improve. In fact, we arrived late for the check-in at 4 pm (check-in time is 3.00 pm)

View for Family Villa

Mode of transport - bicycles - since villas are located far away from the main entrance

Waiting for the car during our check out
Last night during our stay, we had a steam boat dinner. Food was so-so. It was better searching for food outside the hotel rather than dine in.
Short stay, and it was good for the family to have some quiet time. The kids had been cycling non stop.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Short trip to Langkawi!

Booked Malindo Air tickets for Langkawi trips with the kids (minus Fawwaz), during Thaipusam & Hari Wilayah (1-3rd March).
Flight to Langkawi was from Subang Airport

Booked AirBNB apartment and we got a newly developed apartment - Dayang Bay Apartment. Breakfast included in the package, and they have utility room for laundry.
Best kiddie pool. Faiq susah nak mandi kolam tau, ni mandi tak naik-naik
Went for Langkawi Sky Cab (Cable Car), and congratulations to my husband for conquering his fear of heights and cable car

Ticket price - RM 35 (adult), RM 25 (kid) - RM 5 discount from the normal fare because Dino Park was closed. And we need to show our My Kad /My Kid to get the price.
On top of the observation deck

I got a nice shot of Fahri!

Layankan pula anak-anak kat 3D Art Museum, inclusive of the SkyCab ticket
Fateh yang senyap dan pemalu ni enjoy sangat dengan 3D Art Museum

Kemanjaan terserlah! Hahah

Then we went to Rabbit Farm, just beside the 3D Art Museum (this attraction is included in the ticket price).

Underwater World Langkawi. Bolehlah, kalau rasa nak skip pun OK je hahaha

Ticket price = RM 36/adult, RM 26/child

Then at night, we went shopping at HIG. Luggage bags are very very cheap

Next day, went to Langkawi Wildlife Park. My family enjoyed the park very very much!

Ticket price = RM 24/adult, RM 16/child (with MyKad/MyKid) + animal feed packs. We went there early in the morning since the opening time is at 8.30 am, hence we were among the first tourists to arrive there and enjoyed every moment!
There is a deer...
Because some people are crazy for insta worthy pictures, kan?
Because the crocodiles are 2 meters long!!! That's why there is a warning!

A raccoon!

Went to Perdana Gallery, to see what are the collections Tun M received during his tenure as the Prime Minister. For history buff, bolehlah! Tapi penat sebab banyak sangat kompleks.

Ticket price = RM 5/adult, RM 2/kid (below 6 years old free).
Then we went to Dataran Lang, Langkawi. Panas lit lit ya amat! Iconic landmark for Langkawi.
We skipped Makam Mahsuri, Beras Terbakar etc since well, we don't think that it was worth it for the kids. 

Second last day, ada budak main pintu terkena kuku... siap kena berkejar gi klinik

Hey Amni! Killing our time at the airport (last day) since the flight was delayed till 1 pm.

Got a full fledged flight!
Arrived at KLIA and went for our prayers, late lunch and snapping photos at Anjung Malaysia (walkway to Surau/Observation deck). Then, baliklah!

What we bought in Langkawi:
  1. Chocolates
  2. Luggage bags
  3. Minyak gamat (yes it is a must!)
  4. Tefal for me (nak ganti periuk dah buruk sangat)
Worth it, dah lama tak pergi Langkawi. Last trip was in 2009 with 3 kids. And we went during low season, best best tak ramai orang.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Short escapade in the city

It's our usual annual hideout.

PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites near KLCC. Because it is nearer to husband's office, and he has been working over the weekend and on public holiday, some more!

Just got back from my brother in law's kenduri yesterday, and decided we need a short break.

The kids has not been anywhere during their school holiday, except for Melaka - because of my school reunion and kenduri.

I have been entertaining the kids for a while now, feel like single handedly won the mommy of 5 battle! HAHA!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Oih, dah lama tak pi Cameron

Bunga- bunga. Kasihan Faiq, kena ambil gambar sebelah bunga
Kea Garden Guesthouse. Highly recommended. Sebelah pasar Cameron.
Tarikan di Kea Farm Guesthouse

Rare request from husband (just a picture of us).

Yang ditunggu-tunggu, BBQ Rusa!!!

Cantik kan Guest House ni?

Menikmati aiskrim Strawberi. RM5

Rupanya memang tengah musim strawberi. Ada musim rupanya.. Ingat setiap masa ada strawberi.

Dah kena suap, sebab sejuk sangat nak gigit aiskrim.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Day 5 in Perth

Sebelum memulakan perjalanan, kami singgah di Corica Pastries untuk membeli apple strudels yang sangat terkenal. Lebih kurang 2-3 blok dari rumah kami, maka kami hanya berjalan kaki dan membungkus appel strudels untuk anak-anak. Harganya AUD 22, dan boleh dimakan lebih kurang 8-10 orang. Saiznya sangat besar.

Hari Jumaat, maka kami ke Fremantle Market. Pasar ini hanya dibuka pada hujung minggu sahaja. Jumaat - Ahad. Terkenal dengan local produce seperti buah-buahan, madu dan sabun. Banyak juga kraftangan dijual di sini.
Singgah membeli sabun homemade untuk dibawa pulang, harganya variasi. Saya dapat 5 ketul sabun dengan harga AUD 12. Ada juga yang hi range, sudah tentu harganya lebih tinggi. Banyak juga sabun dibeli untuk dihadiahkan kepada ibu dan adik-beradik.
Kemudian, kami berjalan kaki untuk ke Cicerello's Fish and Chips. Antara tempat makan yang wajib singgah.

Bayaran parkir kereta di sini lebih murah daripada di tengah bandar berdekatan dengan Fremantle Market.

Dan semestinya yang paling sedap, fish and chips. Memang sangat berbaloi walaupun harganya agak mahal. Maklumlah, kami bertujuh. Siap menambah-nambah.
Kemudian kami berjalan-jalan dan menghabiskan masa di kawasan bandar Fremantle. Fremantle terletak lebih kurang 22 kilometer dari bandar Perth. Menghabiskan hari terakhir di Perth sebelum esoknya berangkat pulang ke Malaysia.

Indeed,a refreshing trip and was really enjoyed by my family.