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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Dino Fun Run @ 26.11.2017

Fun run with the whole family.

Benarnya berat sebab nak pikul Faiq sambil jalan/lari dekat 4 km.

Organiser quite disorganised, hence the delay in the run, and in fact it was a mess during the medal collection.

Ok, lain kali tak boleh bawa Faiq masa run. Penat pikul.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone in Concert

We purchased the tickets months ago. Because the concert should be in July, hence it was postponed.
Four months later, we were here at KLCC Plenary Hall last Saturday.
Found quite a number of people wearing robes, holding wands and hats.

The music was performed by National Symphony Orchestra. The show lasted more than 3 hours, since the film was shown on the big screen. And the orchestra played all the music inside the film.

The music was seamless, astounding and they really deserve the ovation from the audience.

Everyone is a Harry Potter fan, including the head conductor. Even the emcee is one, and we know from the way she talked about Harry Potter - it seems that everyone in the hall knows about Harry Potter (in depth).

Alas, we didn't win the tickets to Japan (for a trip to Unversal Studio).
We enjoyed ourselves very much. The performance was magical. It was worth the wait.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Friday, 12 May 2017

Breakout 5.5.2017

It has been ages that we meet and gather together with the geng lunch buddies. The majority of us took half day in the afternoon just for this session (lunch and having some fun).

I need this session really badly because I have been working non-stop and really need a stress buster.

Someone commented when I said I am currently attached to my GM,
"Oh ada orang tahan dengan Puan ** ya. Malam dia tu macam siang."

Which is exactly true that I do bring my office works back home, and all of it are like urgently needed tomorrow. Or half an hour before a meeting, I will be non-stop preparing and editing my GM's presentation.

So yeah, I really need the geng lunch time.

Decided to meet up last week and had a lunch at The Library Coffee Bar. Kak Elin came, which was something that we look forward, since it was not easy to meet her, after she resigned from the company.

Missing Aini and Azni. We will do this again with the whole bunch ya.

 Love that our geng lunch do not have any diet restriction, and it's all about makan-makan. It is always about eating together and enjoying food. Good food and good company.

I love the selection at this restaurant. Varities of desserts as well (hehehe).

Oh yow, from hungry to full.

And tentatively, we decided that we want to have some family entertainment. I got some jitters going to Breakout at Nu Sentral (sort of escape room game). Quite a few of my friends look sick, somehow. We decided to try the game for fun.

Hmm, there were quite a few characters to choose from. I believe Aini will love this, let us pray for her recovery ya.. :)

We decided that we should try for the lowest difficulty rated room available, but unfortunately, the rooms were booked. So we got a room with 7/10 difficulty (sob sob).

The Secret of Hocus 

While tracking the elusive trail of mysterious criminal magician Mr. Hocus, you’ve acquired the Wand of Atropos from the Organization. This wand is one of the most powerful ever crafted, along with the Wand of Mythos and Wand of Alectos, which are rumoured to be in the possession of Mr. Hocus. You’ve also uncovered a secret theatre where you believe he has kept all of his magical possessions, including the other 2 wands of power. However, the Organization says that to destroy his powers, you will need the combined powers of all 3 wands. With this knowledge, you and your team venture deep into the depths of Mr. Hocus’s secret theatre in hopes of ending his regime of crime once and for all. 

Difficulty level: 7/10    

Oh well. Bolehlah nak cuba, since the next session will be at 4.30 p.m. We were quite short of time, since we need to go back home and start our duty as home minister. 

 We were screaming by the end, since the room just went pitch black.

Oh, actually the door was unlocked. And yeay, we managed to breakout around 53 minutes.

We had different characters; left-right - assassin, time bender, healer, Gemini, Oracle, lock master and light holder
I would suggest the most is the power of time and Gemini (since Gemini can choose any power he/she wants), so decided to duplicate the power of time. Hence the extra 10 minutes (or else, the game will be finished at 45 minutes).

My character is Assassin, but they ran out of stock on the badges. Since Semah was brilliant in this game (we had sheer luck with Semah), and in honour of her sheer luck, I decided to take the lock master badge, yeay!
Let us have this session again in the future!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Melawat Fawwaz di Kuantan

Kami mengetahui Fawwaz mendapat tawaran melalui SMS yang diberikan oleh pihak MARA. Tak tersangka sebab sebenarnya saya menunggu Aini memberitahu bahawa Auni mendapat tawaran pada 23 Januari lepas.

Saya sampai tidak boleh tidur malam, sebab masih terkejut. Kemudian, apabila melihat surat tawaran secara atas talian, ternyata Fawwaz ditawarkan ke MRSM Kuantan. Pilihan kami ketika itu sebenarnya adalah MRSM Bentong. Catatan ini bukanlah bermaksud saya ingin berbangga diri atau riak. Alhamdulillah, dah dilorongkan pula rezeki dari Allah, Fawwaz ditawarkan ke MRSM.

Kami memberitahu Fawwaz pada keesokan harinya, dan ketika itu beliau masih ingin berfikir untuk menerima atau menolak tawaran tersebut. Malahan, keputusan diberikan pada malam itu kepada kami. Suami pun positif dengan penerimaan Fawwaz.

Lalu bermulalah 2 minggu itu, kami sibuk menyediakan barang-barang ke asrama. Pendaftaran pada 6 Februari (2 hari selepas Aini disahkan stroke), jadi agak gundah gulana juga ketika menguruskan barang-barang keperluan. Mertua datang dari Melaka untuk satu hari, bagi menguruskan anak-anak yang bersekolah. Terima kasih Mak Ayah sebab membantu.

Bertolak ke Kuantan pada 5 Februari, dan pada malam itu, kami telah ke sekolah untuk melihat kawasan MRSM tersebut. Sekadar melihat jalan dan menganggarkan masa yang diperlukan esok semasa pendaftaran.

Alhamdulillah, hari Isnin semasa pendaftaran, kesemuanya selesai secara pantas. Juga mengambil kesempatan untuk bertemu Cikgu Naszeri, guru Pendidikan Jasmani di MRSM Jasin dahulu, yang telah dilantik menjadi Pengetua MRSM (mungkin saya akan bercerita kisah ini kemudian, hahaah).

Fawwaz ditempatkan di blok dorm J, dan para pelajar senior membantu Fawwaz untuk sesi pendaftaran serta membawa barang ke asrama.

Dalam dorm.

Menunggu sesi penerangan dari Pengetua.

Selesai urusan, kami ke Teluk Cempedak, meluangkan masa.

Fawwaz membawa Faiq melihat biawak
Selepas selesai segala urusan, kami bertolak balik ke KL. Kami telah berjanji melawat dia pada 18 Februari (balik bermalam) sambil membawa adik beradiknya makan angin di Kuantan.

Alhamdulillah, he is coping well. Minta juga dia doakan agar Aini cepat sembuh.

Yang kelakarnya, ketika kami mengambil beliau, sampai sahaja di homestay, dia terus tidur.

Dia siap komen kepada Amni, "Amni tidak tahu nikmatnya tidur sehingga masuk asrama."
Hahaha. Maklumlah dia perlu tidur jam 12 tengahmalam dan bangun jam 5 pagi. Selepas itu dia bertanya pada saya, dan saya menjawab, " Ya, ibu faham. Ibu juga budak asrama."

Friday, 17 June 2016

Ballonimal Land

Went to IPC @ Damansara to view the balloons a day before Ramadhan. I was impressed with the team who assembled the balloon. Look at how they even have variety of greens for the leaves.

Even though the space is quite small and limited, the kids enjoyed the balloons on display.

Hence, the pictures below for memory safekeeping.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

We have a historian in the making

Fahri requested for a trip to A Famosa.

We were (literally) shocked, since we know that this is such an unusual request that we keep asking, "Betul ke nak pergi A Famosa?"

And he said that he wanted to go there. Because we went to visit historical places, only Fahri and Faiq were with us. Well, you know that your other kids are not interested, hehehe..

We also climbed the St. Paul's Hill. This trip satisfied Fahri's curiosity, thus it was nice fulfilling his request.

In front of A Famosa

St Paul's Hill

Faiq, look at the camera!!!

The city view from the top of the hill. Peace, adik, peace (Faiq's trademark when taking pictures)

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Indoor extreme sport with District 21

Our usrah group decided to have an outing at District 21 last weekend. The tickets were priced at RM 75 for active pass, and RM 10 for non active pass. For children below 90 cm, it is free of charge (well, this only applies to my youngest son, Faiq). We almost tried most of the games offered.

With the ticket priced at RM 75, the place offered multiple reentry for one whole day, and the price is already inclusive of gloves and socks to try the games.

We have to be properly attired (in this case, sport shoes and tracks). I think Fawwaz and Fahri had the most fun of all, trying all sort of games.

We went bonkers with jumping at Launch Pad non stop.

I did this! And found out that my hand muscles is not as strong as expected.

Even did my first wall climbing, yeah! I even did the rope climbing and the spider web climbing.

And I did this, but unfortunately, I did not reach the highest cube.
The team. Some of the mommies decided to buy the non active passes.

And here is Faiq, waiting for his brothers / sister / father / mother, trying the games offered.

Fateh decided just to jump around.

My husband tried the Free Fall, after knowing that I did that!
We went for lunch and solat, then we came back to try other things as well. It was a day well worth spent, and for the price of the ticket, for an adult, it is better utilised than for the kids (since the ticket price is the same for adult and kids).

IOI City Mall offers ample parking space, and it was easy to access. If your aim is just to go to District21, then the ticket price is worth it. We did not do any shopping at all, because our aim is just to spend some time here.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Oh hello Lego miniatures!

Went to Midvalley last week, and saw a Lego exhibition at the Concourse level. The kids were excited watching the miniatures. And many of the Lego pays ode to The Lego Movie. Saw Superman miniature inside a phone booth.
Faiq was so excited with the Lego things. Was just so glad the kids enjoyed simple things in life, right now.
I know my 4 little builders have already dreamed big right now.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Usrah bowling: 28 February

Alhamdulillah, spending quality time with my family and our usrati. The contest was held by our close knit ex-university juniors (which, luckily, my husband and I, alhamdulillah, has been more than 10 years in the usrah group).

When I first entered the workforce, I find that it was hard to have usrah. Thanks to my husband, we still keep in touch with the usrah group. At the same time, we try to find the time to attend the events organised by the group.

Love this event. It was well organised, and my children love that they can bowl to their hearts' content. Which is quite a lot of throwing the bowling balls.

And the organisers were even kind enough to award us as first place, just because we had 5 kids (and the first place hamper was the biggest!).

P/S: Yes, that's my girl who was holding the hamper. In a few months, she is going to be much taller than me ^_^

Monday, 5 January 2015

Edisi jimat bajet: Muzium Negara

Disebabkan hendak berjimat, jadi kami sepakat untuk ke Muzium Negara atas permintaan Fawwaz. Fawwaz memang agak patriotik, dia sangat suka kalau kami bawa ke muzium. Dan selalunya, dialah orang pertama yang akan mengajak kami ke muzium.

Menggamit kenangan juga hendak ke Muzium Negara. Kalau tidak silap, kali terakhir menjejakkan kaki di sini di zaman sekolah rendah dahulu. Lebih 20 tahun sudah rupanya..

Muzium Negara dibuka setiap hari dari jam 9 pagi hingga 6 petang (ditutup hanya pada hari pertama Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Aidiladha). Harga tiket masuk untuk warganegara Malaysia hanyalah RM 2 untuk dewasa, dan untuk kanak-kanak, ianya percuma.

Terbahagi kepada 4 galeri:

Galeri Sejarah Awal

Galeri ini mempersembahkan segala maklumat dan bukti-bukti tinggalan kebudayaan (material Culture) masyarakat awal di Malaysia. Melalui kajian sejarah dan kerja-kerja ekskavasi di lapangan oleh ahli-ahli akademik dan arkeologi mendapati bahawa masyarakat terawal di negara ini muncul kira-kira 500,000 tahun SM. Masyarakat ini menjalani kehidupan dengan berburu dan mendiami kawasan tebing-tebing sungai, tasik dan juga gua. Zaman ini dikenali sebagai zaman batu berdasarkan penemuan artifak-artifak yang diperbuat daripada batu dan lukisan yang terdapat pada dinding gua seperti yang ditemui di Kota Tampan (Perak), Gua Niah (Sarawak), Ulu Tembeling (Pahang) dan Tingkayu (Sabah). Pentarikhan (Geo-Paleontologi dan Geo-Morfologi) yang dilakukan ke atas kawasan dan tinggalan artifak ini menunjukkan terdapatnya perkembangan kebudayaan dan corak hidup masyarakat yang dibahagikan kepada tiga zaman iaitu Paleolitik, Hoabinhian dan Neolitik. Selain itu, galeri ini juga memaparkan maklumat dan artifak-artifak dari Zaman Logam, Kebudayaan Megalitik dan Proto Sejarah

Galeri Kerajaan Melayu Awal

Galeri ini menyelusuri sejarah perkembangan tamadun Melayu selepas zaman pra sejarah dengan pembentukan kerajaan-kerajaan awal yang mempunyai sistem kenegaraan, ekonomi, keagamaan dan kebudayaan sebagai jatidiri wilayah Alam Melayu (Malay World) termasuk Semenanjung Tanah Melayu dan Borneo. Kemunculan penempatan dan kerajaan awal yang digambarkan dalam galeri ini secara tidak langsung dapat membuktikan perkembangan sosio-politik Melayu, jaringan sistem ekonomi terutama perdagangan antarabangsa dan perluasan ciri-ciri kebudayaan serta keagamaan kelompok rumpun Melayu. Kewujudan kerajaan-kerajaan awal ini diperkuatkan lagi dengan pameran artifak-artifak yang mempunyai pengaruh keagamaan yang menjadi mercu tanda sesebuah kerajaan itu.

Galeri Era Kolonial

Galeri ini memaparkan sejarah negeri-negeri Melayu, Sabah dan Sarawak ketika berada di bawah cengkaman kuasa asing yang bermula pada tahun 1511 menerusi penceroboh Portugis ke atas Kota Melaka. Siri Penjajahan ini berlarutan dan silih berganti kepada Belanda dan menular ke seluruh negara menerusi penguasaan British dan Jepun. Tarikan kepada kuasa asing ini adalah hasil-mahsul bumi Melayu. Mereka datang untuk menguasi perdagangan rempah serta mengeksploitasi bahan mentah, khususnya bijih timah yang merupakan bahan mentah yang terpenting semasa tercetusnya revolusi perindustrian di negara-negara Eropah pada kurun ke-18. Penguasaan kuasa-kuasa asing ke atas negara ini berlaku selama lebih 400 tahun. Tempoh ini menyaksikan kekayaan negara dibolot dan dieksploitasi menyebabkan timbulnya bibit-bibit kesedaran dan semangat perjuangan anak bangsa untuk bangkit membebaskan diri dari belenggu penjajahan. Turut dimuatkan adalah perubahan-perubahan sosial, politik dan ekonomi yang berlaku di sepanjang tempoh tersebut.

Galeri Malaysia Kini

Galeri ini menyingkap sejarah gerakan nasionalisme yang dipelopori oleh tokoh-tokoh kebangsaan sehinggalah kepada penubuhan Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu atau UMNO (United Malay National Organisation) pada tahun 1946. Kelantangan suara menuntut hak dan pembebasan sepenuhnya dari tangan British telah diperjuangan pelbagai pihak dari pelbagai kaum sehinggalah negara ini akhirnya kembali merdeka sebagai sebuah negara yang bebas dan berdaulat pada 31 Ogos 1957 menerusi meja rundingan. Pada 16 September 1963 negara maju setapak lagi dengan kemasukan Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura (1963-1965). Penubuhan Malaysia telah mewujudkan satu entiti politik yang kukuh dan bersepadu sehingga ke hari ini. Perpaduan kaum, kestabilan politik yang bertunjangkan sistem pemerintahan raja berperlembagaan dan demokrasi berparlimen serta pencapaian-pencapaian negara yang membanggakan termasuk pembangunan fizikal yang bersifat moden, mega dan mencakar langit turut menjadi paparan galeri ini.
Mengimbau kembali buku Sejarah, siap jumpa rangka manusia berumur 10,000 tahun. Betapa lamanya tidak ke Muzium Negara, galerinya pun banyak yang menarik perhatian. Fawwaz suka, sambil dia tunjuk artifak, dia akan berkata "Dalam buku Sejarah, ada ini.."

Teringat zaman belajar dahulu, ada penempatan awal di Gua Cha, Kelantan. Banyak rupanya rangka manusia zaman dahulu kala dari gua tersebut (dalam 25 kubur).

Kitab suci Al-Quran tulisan tangan ini ditempatkan di Galeri Kerajaan Melayu Awal. Ada bermacam-macam alat kebesaran diraja dipamerkan. Ada ditunjukkan susur galur Parameswara dan kedatangan Islam ke Tanah Melayu.

Model kilang bijih timah di Galeri Ketiga: Galeri Era Kolonial. Zaman penjajahan British, Jepun dan Belanda dipaparkan di sini. Kagum juga dengan beberapa arca yang ditunjukkan. Ada sebuah meja bulat (yang asal) digunakan semasa Sultan Kedah menandatangani Perjanjian Langkawi dengan pihak British.

Bunga emas yang digunakan sebagai mahar untuk dihantar kepada Raja Siam pun masih ada. Sebelum ini, asyik tengok gambar di dalam buku teks sahaja.

Ha, tengok ni. siap arca pintu kota A Famosa. Memang sangat informatif, dan pada masa yang sama, anak-anak banyak belakar apabila melihat di depan mata.

Setem hari pertama sempena kemerdekaan. Pameran ini di Galeri Keempat: Malaysia Kini. Pada masa yang sama, rasa sangat terharu apabila melihat gambar-gambar sebelum kemerdekaan. Kalau hendak tengok bagaimana Kuala Lumpur suatu tika dahulu, memang sangat sesuai menelek di galeri ini.

Selain daripada empat galeri yang dinyatakan; ada juga pameran Khazanah Dari Istana Musim Panas. Kebanyakan barang yang dipamerkan adalah dari Summer Palace, China. Pameran ini berlangsung dari 15 Disember 2014 hingga 3 Mac 2015.

Kemudian, kami ke Pameran Khas yang dianjurkan: Pameran Evolusi Senjata dan Kemanusiaan Sedunia. Pameran ini bermula dari 20 September 2014 - 20 Februari 2015. Harga tiket masuk hanya RM 5 untuk dewasa dan RM 2 untuk kanak-kanak. Kami hanya dicaj RM 2 untuk 5 kanak-kanak. Baiknya adik kaunter tiket itu... macam tahu-tahu je tengah bajet. Hihih

Masuk pameran ini, semua senjata dapat tengok. Dari segala negara pun rasanya, tapi yang paling menarik adalah replika pedang Khalifah Al-Rasyidin dengan Rasulullah s.a.w. Sambil tengok, fuh, nampak besar dan panjang pedang itu. Hai, agaknya kalau kita yang angkat mahu sakit bahu seminggu.

Selepas keluar dari Muzium Negara, ada dua lagi muzium mengenai ekologi Melayu dan orang Asli. Kedua-dua muzium ini tidak mengenakan sebarang bayaran. Hanya perlu mengisi butiran di dalam buku tetamu yang disediakan.

Seronok juga sebab sudah lama tidak ke tempat sebegini. Insya' Allah akan cuba ke muzium-muzium lain seperti Muzium DiRaja dan Muzium Alam Semulajadi.