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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Kisah sedekah

Motor di pejabat suami sudah hilang dicuri beberapa minggu lepas.

Tengahari semalam, encik suami telah bersedekah hanya RM20 untuk seorang makcik yang tidak punya duit untuk memohon sumbangan anaknya yang sakit tenat.

Dalam jam 3 petang, encik suami mendapat panggilan motor beliau dijumpai dan pesalah laku telah dikesan.


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Kita ni jangan berlebih daripada tok guru yang arif perihal agama

Alahai, bukannya saya bijak pun.

Umpama menentang hukum Allah, macam Aini cakap jangan la pula ada saham. Saham akhirat ni

Yg pergi vote tu, dah ambil port sokong. So saham akhiratmu di mana?

Engkau hendak mengiyakan sesuatu yang bertentangan ajaran agama?

Cerdik pandai tapi bab agama maaf cakap la, saya pun kurang bab agama. Tapi kita ada akal Allah nak bagi.

Jangan ingat kau buat tu betul, kalau kau validate dia, will it be a joke? Kawan siap cakap it will be a big laugh to all.

Kau nak menangis atau nak ketawa kat akhirat?

Nanti depa bagi alasan, we cannot judge. Hukuman dia antara Allah.

Selemah-lemah iman kita ni di tahap mana.

Aku dah tegur, sudah. Jangan kata aku tak tegur.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Dear self

Please do remember to be yourself. You used to laugh freely, and read book non stop. You used to be homely and be content with it.

Do not be too harsh on yourself. It hurts to think that you are not at par with someone else. Do remember your struggle for many years, and how you overcome it.

Do remember that you have good life and beautiful memories, and surrounded by many wonderful people.

Even though you are a mom, please do not feel let down by your own lackness as a mom. It's ok not to clean your house on daily basis. It's ok that sometimes you feel that you cannot balance work and family. It's ok to eat out, even though people might judge you. Your family is your blessing.

You are not a supermom. You cannot juggle everything at once. Even for work, you cannot prove to yourself that you need to finish the task faster.

Dear self, please be kind to yourself. Please be yourself. Please be yourself.

Pick up a book to read - you used to be an avid reader. Do meet up with your friends often. Spend times with yourself. Please laze around. Share secrets with your sisters. Buy flowers, just because.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Let us make du'a for them.

Was affected by the fire that razed the tahfiz school yesterday. Husband came back home and he said he cannot see the image of the students, it reminds him of his sister's case. The resemblence was quite eerie.

And then Aini shared this;

Kita serahkan urusan yg kita tak tahu kpd yg Maha Mengetahui. Yg kita tahu (undang-undang, peraturan keselamatan dsb.), kita perlu ikut. Namun begitu, ignorantia juris non excusat.

Ajal maut sudah ditentukan. Tanda-tanda akhir zaman juga ada dinyatakan. Setiap perkara perlu kita perhati dan fikir berpandukan ilmu dan mereka yg ahli dlm ilmu masing-masing.

Kak Za, UMP
Let us make du'a for them.

I wonder how our life will end?

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Maryam Amir wrote:

For the mothers at heart whose wombs have never experienced life, who weep for its emptiness, who pray for it to fill, who've accepted or who cannot accept that it may never

For the mothers whose wombs have seen their babies come to life and then pass there

For the mothers who screamed in agony of labor and then held their babies whose eyes would never open and whose hearts stopped beating

For the mothers whose children are not by blood but by love, and yet still others don't always understand

For the mothers who have birthed and raised their children, then washed, shrouded and buried them

For the mothers who raised their children only to feel completely disconnected from them

For those mothers who are struggling to raise their children while battling  depression

For single mothers

For teachers who are the mothers of students who find love in the classroom while at home experience abuse or neglect 

For activists who are so intensely defending everyone else's children they haven't been able to consider having their own

For the mothers at heart who have wanted nothing more than to be a mother for as long as they can remember, but who've never had the opportunity
For those whose mothers have passed and whose lives feel numb and empty

For those whose mothers have hurt more than helped them

For those whose mothers were never a part of their lives and who have always felt that longing

For everyone I've mistakenly missed or haven't been able to mention, just like you feel people always miss you

For those who are watching everyone else celebrate mothers today, but whose hearts are shattered

Today, tomorrow and everyday, remember: what people see isn't all of you. God knows what you are. He knows your status. And when you feel overwhelmed and broken because no one else understands all the pain and stigma related to everything other than a specific and "perfect" concept of motherhood:

"...He is with you wherever you are." (Quran, 57:4)

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I love this hadith

Sungguh menakjubkan urusan seorang mukmin, semua urusannya adalah baik baginya. Hal ini tidak didapatkan kecuali pada diri seorang mukmin. Apabila mendapatkan kesenangan, dia bersyukur, maka yang demikian itu merupakan kebaikan baginya. Sebaliknya apabila tertimpa kesusahan, dia pun bersabar, maka yang demikian itu merupakan kebaikan baginya.” 

(Hadits shohih. Diriwayatkan oleh Muslim, no. 2999 dari Abu Yahya Shuhaib bin Sinan radhiyallahu ‘anhu).

You hang in there, Aini

Friday, 20 January 2017

There was a talk last Wednesday, around 5.30 p.m. at IKIM fm.

I cannot remember the name of the speaker (silly me). The topic is about women empowerment.

"Why are you talking about women empowerment?"

"I want to see us move our perspective beyond that. Our imam should not talk about women need to be patient (sabar) when their husband abuse them, or when the husband asks his wife to shoulder the responsibility. We should talk about it. In Islam, we were teached about patience and justice."

Monday, 31 October 2016

October passed by in a hurry

October passed by in a hurry, leaving me feeling not organised and rushed. Major decisions and plan to be made, that it was not easy to juggle between office works and personal life.

I got a very bad reading for my blood pressure. A health company came for a demo, and we have our check ups. Somehow, I scored at Level 1 High Risk BP, due to family history. So I have to follow up with the clinic on weekly basis as of now to ensure that my BP is progressing well.

After the first reading, I did a double take. I have been exhausting myself on my work, and the reading somehow was some sort of a wake up call. I messaged my husband after that, and suddenly feel exhausted after the ordeal (of just taking my BP). I did a second reading a few days after at another clinic, and somehow, the reading was the same as per previous reading.

I have to organise my life back, and I have to start all over. It was not easy, since I have been much more a workaholic after entering the new team. Albeit all this, the work loads keep coming (and we have to move to new office by end of November).

I cannot wait for the school holiday to start since we have book tickets to go to Legoland (yeay, finally! Since my kids have been asking non stop since the theme park's opening).

Sometimes, I wonder, if I have been working and give it all, would anybody appreciate it after maybe it is taken in the blink of an eye from me? Alhamdulillah, my sister reminds me on the purpose that we work because we want Allah's blessing. I have to remember that, I work to provide for myself and my family. I work because I want a halal source for my income, and with the salary that I gained, I will be buying clothes that cover my aurah, and halal foods for my family. I want my family to know that their mom / wife has loves them enough to work for them, to ensure that they were given the best in term of fulfilling their needs.

Well, that is what I believe. And somehow, I understand, after being a mom, the sacrifice that our parents made for us. To give the best to their family. I appreciate that my Ummi and Ayah are very determined in their life. I have the best memories of my childhood (even though my Ummi is the stern parent figure), and I did learn to let go the few memories that might not benefit me at all.

Alhamdulillah for the lesson in life.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

We had the opportunity to attend the talks by Dr Zakir Naik at Stadium Bukit Jalil. It was a sold out event, and the tickets are actually free.My husband mentioned about his talk last week, thus I was glad we went to this talk.

The event started at 5 p.m., Dr Zakir Naik's slot is only at 9 p.m. Since we need to rush back because we asked my parents in laws for a few hours to look for our 5 kids, we were there from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. It was raining cats and dogs when we reached there. And the surau was overspilled with people waiting for their turn for Asar prayers.

Yes, we miss the talk by Dr Zakir Naik. But, we heard a collection of talks delivered by his son, and some of the Muslim reverts.

People come in thousands. In fact, my husband's friend said the event lasted till 3 a.m.

Alhamdulillah. And I am grateful that even though I was hesitant at first to go, since all the seats were sold out (main stadium), we managed to secure seats to the next stadium.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Usrah bowling: 28 February

Alhamdulillah, spending quality time with my family and our usrati. The contest was held by our close knit ex-university juniors (which, luckily, my husband and I, alhamdulillah, has been more than 10 years in the usrah group).

When I first entered the workforce, I find that it was hard to have usrah. Thanks to my husband, we still keep in touch with the usrah group. At the same time, we try to find the time to attend the events organised by the group.

Love this event. It was well organised, and my children love that they can bowl to their hearts' content. Which is quite a lot of throwing the bowling balls.

And the organisers were even kind enough to award us as first place, just because we had 5 kids (and the first place hamper was the biggest!).

P/S: Yes, that's my girl who was holding the hamper. In a few months, she is going to be much taller than me ^_^

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Usrah di alam pekerjaan

Saya percaya, bukan mudah untuk meneruskan usrah apabila anda mula bekerja. Dek kerana kekangan kerja dan keluarga, menyebabkan kita hampir tiada masa untuk melakukan benda-benda lain.

Saya masih lagi dengan usrah yang sama semenjak dari universiti. Memang ada pasang surutnya. Ada masa hanya boleh dibilang dengan jari siapa  yang hadir ke usrah. Ada masa usrah terpaksa dibatalkan atas sebab-sebab tertentu.

Jadi, untuk yang ingin memulakan bulatan gembira, ini antara yang dapat saya gariskan:
  1. Mulakan dengan niat yang baik, insya Allah apa yang kita usahakan akan menjadi mudah
  2. Kumpulkan rakan-rakan usrah. Sekiranya tiada, cadangkan kepada mereka yang ingin untuk berusrah
  3. Ajak rakan-rakan yang bukan dari kebiasaan untuk datang, walau sekadar suka-suka. Minat boleh dipupuk kemudian
  4. Tidak perlu berpendidikan agama untuk menyertai usrah
  5. Anda tidak perlu mencari ustazah untuk menjadi naqibah, anda sendiri boleh tentukan siapa di dalam bulatan usrah anda untuk mengupas topik
  6. Kebiasaannya, kami akan menggilirkan topik kepada ahli-ahli lain. Contoh: kupasan surah, kemudian isu semasa. Maknanya kami tiada naqibah tetap, tapi kami telah tanggungjawabkan ahli-ahli untuk sama-sama membantu dalam usrah
  7. Tidak perlu ada silibus tetap. Jadikan usrah itu sesuatu yang seronok!
  8. Di zaman teknologi, sekiranya mempunyai kekangan masa, anda boleh melakukannya secara atas talian melalui WhatsApp atau secara audio conference. Mungkin tidak seefektif dengan cara berkumpul secara fizikal, tetapi yang pastinya, kita mencuba.

Insya' Allah saya cuba tambah lagi tip-tip di hari kemudian.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Ramadhan reminder

I got this from my ex-school group chat. An awesome reminder. (and not to forget to sadaqah Al-Fatihah for MH17)

A woman told me she has difficulty fasting because of her health, and can rarely attend the masjid in the evenings for Taraweeh because of her work schedule. She was feeling down because she didn’t have that spiritual connection she so badly had wanted in Ramadan. This is a reminder for her and for all of us who’ve been struggling:

Many of us feel inadequate this Ramadan. Long hours of fasting with short nights makes it hard for those of us who are parents of young kids, those taking care of parents or loved ones, those of us working full time, or those of us who are unable to fast, "FEEL" Ramadan. We can't do the extra worship we used to and even when we get in our extra Qur'an or pray in the mosque we can't even concentrate, so we end up just feeling lame.

But what we really need is a perspective shift.

We need to recognize that taking care of the future generation, providing financial support for ourselves and loved ones or taking care of our health are some of the highest forms of worship in and of themselves. We just need to make the intention and internally shift our perspectives.

Give yourself 5 minutes, just you and God. Sit and raise your hands and share what's in your heart with Him in your own words, even though He is well aware of it. Allow the burden of your frustration with yourself to be lifted off your shoulders and into His Hands.

"Dear God, I feel distant from you and it hurts especially because it's Ramadan and I want to feel close to You in this month. Please, accept all my sacrifices for Your Sake and let me taste the sweetness of our relationship together through what I'm doing. As much as I wish I could be in the masjid and concentrate when reading Qur'an like I used to do to get that eman high, I can't. But I'm doing whatever I can to fulfill the responsibilities You've given me in this phase of my life. So please, write me amongst the highest in Paradise, pour barakah into my life and let me taste the sweetness of my relationship with You through what I'm doing."

Then, just keep renewing your intention. Remember, even the mundane (brushing your teeth) can be worship with your intention. And try to increase your dhikr just a little bit when you're walking to your car or washing the dishes or taking your meds or going to sleep.

The beauty of Islam is that it doesn't restrict worshipping God to praying, fasting and reading Qur'an. It can encompass your daily actions simply through your intention.

As Abdullah ibn Mubarak said: "Perhaps a great deed is belittled by an intention. And perhaps a small deed, by a sincere intention, is made great."

This Ramadan, make your worship something transformational. Chose to understand your relationship with God as one which will continue even when your life changes. Choose to magnify your intention.

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Beberapa hari lepas ketika singgah di sebuah kedai runcit, aku menyaksikan dua orang kanak-kanak sedang berinteraksi dengan juruwang kedai terbabit. Kanak-kanak itu sedang membawa barang jualan seperti jus dan madu untuk diiklankan kepada juruwang. 2 orang adik beradik lelaki, kukira yang tua berumur dalam 10 tahun dan yang kecil berumur 8 tahun.

Dalam perbualan itu, dapat ditafsirkan bahawa mereka sedang membuat sales pitch agar barangan mereka dapat dijual di kedai terbabit. Bersungguh-sungguh mereka mempromosikan barangan yang dibawa.

Sehari selepas itu, aku mempunyai latihan di bangunan bersebelahan. Lalu dapat kulihat rupanya mereka membuka gerai jualan dengan kakak mereka.

Teringat kisah Rasulullah s.a.w. yang mengembala kambing ketika baginda masih kecil, dan apabila dewasa, menjadi peniaga pula.

Allah, dalam keadaan adik beradik itu membantu keluarga semasa cuti sekolah, mereka mendapat banyak latihan. Anak-anak aku pula selesa di rumah. Moga sentiasa cukup rezeki anak-anak itu dan anak-anak kami di dunia dan akhirat. Cukupkanlah dengan apa yang ada.

Friday, 14 March 2014

#PrayforMH370 #Pray4MH370

My last flight with Malaysia Airlines was on 18th March 2011, from London to Kuala Lumpur, where I was back for good after my 1-year study in Manchester.

Even though I had some issues on Malaysia Airlines during my flight back home, I actually teared up when I heard the pilot announced after the airplane touched Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

"Kepada para pelawat, selamat datang ke Malaysia. Dan kepada warganegara, selamat pulang ke tanahair."

Then, for short destination travel, we used Air Asia a lot.

But this one hit quite close to home. Maybe because Malaysian Airlines is a Malaysian company, it feels like that every update was crucial for every Malaysians.

I know that one of my university's junior, who was quite close with us (Aini and myself) is on that ill fated flight. I also got the news that the wife of one of the company's staff is also in there. And for us, the public to scrutinise every news, and en-devour it, I noticed that we were united in this.

Everyone that I know of, is praying for the safety of MH370. Regardless of religion. I am so proud to be a Malaysian in this crucial time.

I was thinking, how many misses and stop that we forget to be grateful for each single day. I was tearing up when I read the accounts of the family members, waiting in agony for the news. At the same time, there are also figures that emerged, that I have never known of, and that they are strong facing the reporters at the press conference.

During my maternity leave, starting last Saturday, my husband and I would sit in front of the TV, and watched the news. We will wait for the press conference, and hoping for good news. Then when he started working, I will update him the progress after every press conference.

When there are still no news, one of my friends said,"No news is good news."

Because I would rather believe the plane to be hijacked and the passengers are safe, rather that the authorities found the debris (which indicate the plane crashed).

I am still not losing hope. As Kapten Norudin said in TV3 last Monday,

“Allah menghantar peristiwa MH370 agar kita kembali kepadanya dengan rendah hati. Sains sifatnya ciptaan dan ciptaan pasti ada penciptaNya. Allah nak ingatkan kita bahawa dunia ini bukan milik kita. Dia yang menciptakan sains dan dia berkuasa ke atasnya. Allah berkuasa meletakkan manusia di mana sahaja. Di mana sains berakhir di situ kuasa Allah bermula.”

Let us continue to pray for MH370.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bunga reben

Untuk tampal atas hadiah yang ingin diberikan kepada anak-anak yatim.

Kebosanan bed ridden. Moga gembiralah anak-anak itu dengan hadiah yang tidak seberapa.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

On bedrest

“Tidaklah seorang muslim tertimpa suatu penyakit dan sejenisnya, melainkan Allah akan mengugurkan bersamanya dosa-dosanya seperti pohon yang mengugurkan daun-daunnya”.

(HR. Bukhari no. 5660 dan Muslim no. 2571).

Terima kasih bang.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Syukur itu indah, Aida

Ibn Qayyim menulis, "Kedudukan redha itu lebih tinggi daripada sabar. Kedudukan syukur itu lebih tinggi daripada redha."

Ramai orang boleh sabar apabila musibah menimpanya. Namun sukar redha selepas apa yang menimpanya dengan selalu mengenangkan kenangan yang pahit itu.

Mungkin ramai orang boleh redha dengan apa yang telah menimpa mereka. Namun mereka belum tentu boleh bersyukur dengan apa yang telah mereka kecapi hari ini.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tazkirah semalam: Khadijah r.a.


Umur Khadijah sebenarnya masa kahwin ngan Rasulullah saw berapa?
Ada orang argue bukan 40 tahun tapi Khadijah sebaya nabi?

En. Suami:
Biasa pendapat 40… tapi mmg ada kata muda lagi.

Soalan balik… apa faedahnya tahu umur dia berapa??? Yg penting usaha dia dalam perjuangkan islam, pengorbanan harta kepada perjuangan Rasulullah. Tu yg paling utama.

Tambahan lagi sebagai contoh:
Cuma dalam surah al kahfi….
Allah sebut… mereka agak ada 7, 9 11 org dalam gua tu…. Tapi Allah tak beritahu berapa (hanya Allah yang tahu berapa)

Kat ayat tu, Allah nak cakap org ni dok sibuk nak tau berapa org padahal bukan itu isi yang Allah nak cerita kat manusia. Yg nak cerita org muda yg bangsawan sanggup tinggalkan kemewahan untuk berada di landasan yg betul…. sekian

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Love till Jannah