Friday, 2 June 2017

Giving back to MRSM Jasin

As part of our upcoming reunion in December, the committee decided to give back to MRSM Jasin, hence 18 ex students volunteered on 26 May for the session. I volunteered for Accounting stream talk. Yes, sounds boring.

Arrived at the school around 8 am, and got to meet the teachers. They were so excited meeting us, and I would say I was overwhelmed with emotion seeing my teachers. And the best part was, this is the first time in many years for MRSM Jasin to get speakers all from the same batch (SPM '97).

We divided ourselves into 5 streams:
  1. Accounting &Architect - 2 speakers, Soul & me (Rod came as replacement later since Azni cannot make it)
  2. Business & IT - Sha, Dilla, Yayan
  3. Medical - Hirman, Hidayah, Letter, Yatt
  4. Engineering - Matt, Keen, Aidazu, Ayu
  5. Oil & Gas - Bujal, Farah Ayuza, Aima, Rahim
Divided into 5 venues, and we got Dewan Bendahara! Oh such a nostalgic place where we had our weekly assembly.

We advertised ourselves as the career team who didn't score Physic, Chemistry or Bio, fret not you have a bright future as a lawyer, accountant and town planner.

Siap mengaku tak score langsung subjek Sains, sampai ada budak tanya 'Kak, macammana nak drop Biologi untuk SPM sebab tak minat?'

Oh did we say something wrong here hahaha.

Ok bila ada budak tanya 'Takde jodoh ke bang?' dekat Arief Dato' Mahbud bila dia bagitahu kami satu sekolah dari tingkatan 1-5. Dan menyampaikan jawapan kecewa kepada tukang dengar 'Dukacitanya, jodoh kami hanya sampai tingkatan 5.'

But the best part is, ada budak bercita-cita nak jadi suami Rawd Xii Anna. Kahkah, tersembul mata kawan aku gamaknya.

Dapat free magic show lagi from the student 😎😎😎

I think this is the last session. We did outrun the time by 30 minutes. But it was fun, it was really fun. My two teammates can testify I was the most serious speaker. I told the students, "Accounting is boring."

But the fun part, I told them I took my exam at Old Trafford (hahaha).

Then after we finished our session and we got 5 stars treatment from the teachers (I do love them!) and Tupperwares as a gift (very practical), we decided to walk down the memory lane. We went to see our old classes (aah) and the compulsory main gate picture as above.

Crashing into the last class. We did take the pictures at (literally) every other class. But suddenly everyone was swarming into this class (5C) if I am not mistaken, and we decided to take pictures (posing as student, kah?) and did a mannequinn challenge.

I was quite surprised with the free style pose given by us in this picture (courtesy from Ayu).

It was really really a wonderful time spent with my friends and teachers. I did meet my homeroom teacher, Puan Molizah Alis. She is now the assistant principal.

And oh my, the teachers looked exactly the same 20 years ago!

Monday, 29 May 2017

After 3 years and 5 months, he suddenly stops breastfeeding.

I think the last date was around 14 May.

Jotting this down for my record. Achievement unlocked.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Oih, dah lama tak pi Cameron

Bunga- bunga. Kasihan Faiq, kena ambil gambar sebelah bunga
Kea Garden Guesthouse. Highly recommended. Sebelah pasar Cameron.
Tarikan di Kea Farm Guesthouse

Rare request from husband (just a picture of us).

Yang ditunggu-tunggu, BBQ Rusa!!!

Cantik kan Guest House ni?

Menikmati aiskrim Strawberi. RM5

Rupanya memang tengah musim strawberi. Ada musim rupanya.. Ingat setiap masa ada strawberi.

Dah kena suap, sebab sejuk sangat nak gigit aiskrim.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Maryam Amir wrote:

For the mothers at heart whose wombs have never experienced life, who weep for its emptiness, who pray for it to fill, who've accepted or who cannot accept that it may never

For the mothers whose wombs have seen their babies come to life and then pass there

For the mothers who screamed in agony of labor and then held their babies whose eyes would never open and whose hearts stopped beating

For the mothers whose children are not by blood but by love, and yet still others don't always understand

For the mothers who have birthed and raised their children, then washed, shrouded and buried them

For the mothers who raised their children only to feel completely disconnected from them

For those mothers who are struggling to raise their children while battling  depression

For single mothers

For teachers who are the mothers of students who find love in the classroom while at home experience abuse or neglect 

For activists who are so intensely defending everyone else's children they haven't been able to consider having their own

For the mothers at heart who have wanted nothing more than to be a mother for as long as they can remember, but who've never had the opportunity
For those whose mothers have passed and whose lives feel numb and empty

For those whose mothers have hurt more than helped them

For those whose mothers were never a part of their lives and who have always felt that longing

For everyone I've mistakenly missed or haven't been able to mention, just like you feel people always miss you

For those who are watching everyone else celebrate mothers today, but whose hearts are shattered

Today, tomorrow and everyday, remember: what people see isn't all of you. God knows what you are. He knows your status. And when you feel overwhelmed and broken because no one else understands all the pain and stigma related to everything other than a specific and "perfect" concept of motherhood:

"...He is with you wherever you are." (Quran, 57:4)

Friday, 12 May 2017

Breakout 5.5.2017

It has been ages that we meet and gather together with the geng lunch buddies. The majority of us took half day in the afternoon just for this session (lunch and having some fun).

I need this session really badly because I have been working non-stop and really need a stress buster.

Someone commented when I said I am currently attached to my GM,
"Oh ada orang tahan dengan Puan ** ya. Malam dia tu macam siang."

Which is exactly true that I do bring my office works back home, and all of it are like urgently needed tomorrow. Or half an hour before a meeting, I will be non-stop preparing and editing my GM's presentation.

So yeah, I really need the geng lunch time.

Decided to meet up last week and had a lunch at The Library Coffee Bar. Kak Elin came, which was something that we look forward, since it was not easy to meet her, after she resigned from the company.

Missing Aini and Azni. We will do this again with the whole bunch ya.

 Love that our geng lunch do not have any diet restriction, and it's all about makan-makan. It is always about eating together and enjoying food. Good food and good company.

I love the selection at this restaurant. Varities of desserts as well (hehehe).

Oh yow, from hungry to full.

And tentatively, we decided that we want to have some family entertainment. I got some jitters going to Breakout at Nu Sentral (sort of escape room game). Quite a few of my friends look sick, somehow. We decided to try the game for fun.

Hmm, there were quite a few characters to choose from. I believe Aini will love this, let us pray for her recovery ya.. :)

We decided that we should try for the lowest difficulty rated room available, but unfortunately, the rooms were booked. So we got a room with 7/10 difficulty (sob sob).

The Secret of Hocus 

While tracking the elusive trail of mysterious criminal magician Mr. Hocus, you’ve acquired the Wand of Atropos from the Organization. This wand is one of the most powerful ever crafted, along with the Wand of Mythos and Wand of Alectos, which are rumoured to be in the possession of Mr. Hocus. You’ve also uncovered a secret theatre where you believe he has kept all of his magical possessions, including the other 2 wands of power. However, the Organization says that to destroy his powers, you will need the combined powers of all 3 wands. With this knowledge, you and your team venture deep into the depths of Mr. Hocus’s secret theatre in hopes of ending his regime of crime once and for all. 

Difficulty level: 7/10    

Oh well. Bolehlah nak cuba, since the next session will be at 4.30 p.m. We were quite short of time, since we need to go back home and start our duty as home minister. 

 We were screaming by the end, since the room just went pitch black.

Oh, actually the door was unlocked. And yeay, we managed to breakout around 53 minutes.

We had different characters; left-right - assassin, time bender, healer, Gemini, Oracle, lock master and light holder
I would suggest the most is the power of time and Gemini (since Gemini can choose any power he/she wants), so decided to duplicate the power of time. Hence the extra 10 minutes (or else, the game will be finished at 45 minutes).

My character is Assassin, but they ran out of stock on the badges. Since Semah was brilliant in this game (we had sheer luck with Semah), and in honour of her sheer luck, I decided to take the lock master badge, yeay!
Let us have this session again in the future!